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This should be the 2018 Dem slogan


Think I'll send this off to the DNC. They'll appreciate it.

THREE Times, Democrats Have Introduced Impeachment of Trump in the House.


Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) formally introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday that accuses the president of obstructing justice during the federal investigation of Russia's 2016 election interference.


Dec 2017
Texas Democrat Al Green forced a House vote on the impeachment of President Trump on Wednesday, but a broad bipartisan majority voted down the effort.
Green introduced two articles of impeachment against Trump.


Nov 2017
Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee introduced new articles of impeachment against President Trump, citing several of his actions during his time in office as "violations of the U.S. Constitution."

Pelosi is absolutely correct in tabling impeachment and focusing on gaining a shift in Party power through the midterm election.


🍃Hillary Clinton's Speech & Endorsement of Andrew Cuomo

Hillary Clinton Endorses and NYDEMS Nominate Andrew Cuomo

According to all reports, this nomination came as it should have, in a calm and civilized fashion with Cuomo receiving something north of 90% of the vote.

EMILY'S LIST - View The 24 House Candidates They Endorsed

View The House Candidates


Gina Ortiz Jones - Tx won last night & now takes on Republican Congressman Will Hurd.

Read her endorsement:

Richard Painter: "Trump 'borders on fascist"


Former GOP White House ethics chief: Trump ‘borders on fascist’
By Tommy Christopher - May 22, 2018

Richard Painter says Trump and Pence should be 'removed from office.'

Trump’s latest abuse of power has so alarmed a former Republican White House ethics chief that he says Trump should be removed from office.

In an interview with CBS News, former Bush ethics lawyer and current candidate for U.S. Senate Richard Painter explained that Trump is a big reason why he’s running as a Democrat.

“Donald Trump and his abuse of power in office, his violation of the Constitution, his rhetoric, which really borders on fascism.” Painter said. “His rhetoric about the press, and his attacks on Muslims and immigrants. And this is unprecedented even in the most conservative circles of the Republican Party.

And yet the Republican Party insists that anyone running for national office the United States House or Senate be loyal to Donald Trump, and I won’t be loyal to Donald Trump,” he said. “I believe that he and Mike Pence really are to be removed from office.”

Painter later added that there is now “far more evidence of abuse of power and obstruction of justice than we had in 1973… with respect to Watergate and Richard Nixon.”

Norm Eisen, chief ethics lawyer during the Obama administration, also warned of Trump’s conflicts of interest early on, and has continued to slam Trump for “inviting bribes” and other corrupt practices.

But former Republican Painter has been among the strongest at holding Trump accountable, consistently calling for his removal. And unlike many in the media and elsewhere, Painter is also keeping his eye on Mike Pence, who is neck deep in all of Trump’s problems.

More at Link

On Now: Zuckerberg Faces UK Parliment. Live updates & video


Also on CNBC & Bloomberg

"Democrats stand for truth, evidence and facts" Hillary Clinton at DNC Women's Forum


Democrats gathered four floors below ground, deep in the Washington D.C. Marriott Marquis to hear from a litany of Democrats and one “special guest” whose name did not appear on any formal program.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the stage to high octave cheers, addressing a female coalition at the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum she founded as First Lady alongside Tipper Gore, 25 years ago.

The former secretary of state, U.S. senator, and first lady quickly got to the question she says she’s hearing from Democrats across the country: “What do the Democrats stand for?”

It’s a political query so many Democratic leaders have gone out of their way to address ahead of midterm elections, and in the wake of a presidential election cycle that left some on the left feeling disjointed and void of a unified message.

We stand for truth, for evidence and facts.
What an incredible thing!"
Clinton exclaimed, in what may have been a lighthearted jab at an administration. Clinton continued, "We have kind of an affection for evidence.
We think it should inform our policies, because they'll actually work better," she declared, prompting modest laughter from the female-dominated audience.

With DNC Chair Tom Perez standing behind her and against a pink and blue backdrop emblazoned with a large "D," Clinton praised party leadership for running a staff whose leadership positions are filled by 44 percent people of color and 70 percent women.
"And you know why that's important? That is what America looks like."

Sandwiched between DNC Chair Tom Perez and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California), Hillary Clinton's speech won top billing among a hefty list of female party principals that also include Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota), Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York), former acting attorney general Sally Yates, and Friday night's featured dinner speaker Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California), among others.

Full Article:

MadDogPac Billboard Campaign

See the latest billboards.
Is one of these currently representing your State??


⚘ Ellen's Restaurant , Dallas donates $15,000 to 'Moms Demand Action', on Mother's Day



DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas restaurant that was boycotted by National Rifle Association members during their annual convention donated $15,000 to gun reform Sunday.

It started with a receipt that went viral over social media.
A receipt from Ellen’s in downtown Dallas had a message during the weekend of the NRA convention that said:

A portion of this week’s proceeds will be donated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations that protect citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights and also help reduce needless gun violence.

And from :

The restaurant also dealt with an onslaught of phone calls that threatened physical violence, as well as a rash of negative online reviews.

“I expected some backlash but I did not expect to become a pariah personally or to be interviewed by the BBC,” Groves told CultureMap. “But in the end, I think the NRA helped us, not only in allowing us to make this generous contribution, but ultimately to create the conversation we need to have.”

Groves says that he contributed a sizable amount from his own pocket toward the $15,000 check, and donations came in from all over the world in addition to what was raised in the restaurant.
He’s set to make the donation on Sunday, May 13 — a.k.a. Mother’s Day.

And he did present the $15,000 check to Moms Demand Action,.. on Mother's Day, along with dinner & flowers

A good read

30+ Mom Memes. Which one are you?..

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