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GOP to challenge PA 18. Impound the Voting Machines


From the Post Gazette :


☺🕊🍃❤"Hillary Clinton Speech at Rutgers Sold Out, Moved to Larger Venue"

From a crowd of 2000 to 8000.

Hillary Clinton Speech at Rutgers Sold Out, Moved to Larger Venue

Hillary Clinton will make a rare appearance at Rutgers University to talk about politics, American democracy, her career and women’s role in the political movement.

The university’s Eagleton Institute of Politics will host the talk on March 29. The former secretary of state, senator, first lady and presidential candidate will speak at the College Avenue Gym at the New Brunswick, New Jersey, campus.

Clinton will talk with Eagleton director Ruth Mandel about her years in public life, the institutions of government, her political career and her role in shaping women’s political history, according to the Eagleton Institute.

Clinton will visit the university as the Eagleton Institute’s 2017-2018 Clifford P. Case Professor of Public Affairs.


Full Story

Hillary Clinton Speech at Rutgers Sold Out, Moved to Larger Venue

by Adam Hochron March 12, 2018

NEW BRUNSWICK — Tickets for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s appearance at Rutgers University were in such high demand that the school moved it to a larger location.

The school announced on Monday that rather than holding the March 29 event at the College Avenue Gymnasium, it will instead be held at the Rutgers Athletic Center in Piscataway. The Eagleton Institute of Politics said the move was being made “due to the extraordinary level of interest” in the program.

The College Avenue Gym, also know as The Barn, can hold up to 2,500.
The building serves as the home site for the Rutgers volleyball team. The Rutgers Athletic Center, also known as the RAC, has a capacity of 8,000
and is the home for the basketball, wrestling, and gymnastics teams.

More at Link & Ticket Info...

Anyone heard of 'JESTER'? He has a Russian hotmail acct


[email protected]


Apparently he fooled a few before tracking him to his Russian hotmail.

I haven't run across him but its good to know he's been outed.
Just fyi, anyway

"Trump is Ours" Olga Skabeeva, Russian TV Journalist


Ahhh the benefits of getting older..☺


Good Riddance to Rex





From Wendy Seigleman: JULY 2017

She has some good info here I had forgotten about & it fits together more now than back in July.

Interesting read.

No pity for Tillerson, hand selected by Putin as Sec of State & I believe he came, served his Oil barron purpose & as Saudi ARAMCO moves to going IPO & following Rex's EXXON business model, is about to move into US markets.
Russoa has ponied up more than one hundred million $$$ to invest when Saudi Aramco becomes publicly traded.

Russia will then own a large investment portion of US energy profits.

Appears Rex accomplished exactly what he was appointed to do for Russia, Saudi ARAMCO & EXXON.

Thank you for your service comrad Rex.

Watch Live Now: @Billbrowder explains how to get human rights abusers and kleptocrats sanctioned



Watch Live on Facebook Now:

(Scroll down to watch live)


Will also appear on the above website in a day or so.


Follow Twitter link here:


What's not to love about a Lamb


ANDREW JANZ for Congress. "SEIUCAL has just endorsed me to replace Nunes in #CA22."


Here's his Twitter Acct for more great info about Andrew Janz questions & replies.
Endorsed by SEIUCAL & Supported by ONWARD TOGETHER


Janz on weapons ban:

FORWARD MAJORITY, A Liberal Super Pac deploys Oppo Research against RW Candidates

Every effort helps in the next 2 elections.
There's plenty of work for anyone willing to step in for America.
This is the same kind of direction Maddog Pac took with it's Billboard Campaign.
Its become a massive success & the RW hates it..

It's time to play the RW game against them.
I'm sure there's a treasure trove hidden behind every Republican/fascist name.



Forward Majority is deploying a tactic that conservative groups have used for years: opposition research.

Co-founded by David Cohen, a top Obama 2008 official, Forward Majority
entered the political field last year during the Virginia elections, running ad campaigns in 16 state legislative races (Democratic candidates won 12 of those).

“What we found in Virginia is that these state legislators, many who have been in office for years, are some of the most unvetted people in American politics,” Cohen told Vox. “In that sense, oppo has an important role to play in helping voters understand who represents them.”

Forward Majority is taking its strategy to other key states in the 2018 midterms, focusing on districts where Hillary Clinton performed well and incumbent Republicans are running.

They want to help Democrats pick up as many seats as they can in states that will be crucial to redrawing congressional voting maps in 2021, including Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and Kentucky.
That’s because state legislatures play an outsize role in redrawing district maps for the US House.

More at Link...

President Obama & his WH campaign staff, Party loyals & his many friends are 'all in' as to contributing to the demise of the RW 's hold on US governance.
He has influenced many who stood beside & worked with him as President to carry the job forward & help lead America back on stable ground in 2018/20.

We are emploing whatever legitimate creative tools we may have because the nation is at a critical juncture.
Kitchen sinks are welcome..

Thanks to all
Happy to see and the timing is right.
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