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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,662

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Trump has weaponised covid-19 and he is going to take out a hell of a lot of people as a result...

Fired the pandemic response team and did nothing to replace them. Check.
Refused the WHO test. Check.
No concrete federal plans in place to ensure that citizens have access to free testing or healthcare if they are exposed to the virus. Check.
Continuing to tell his very stupid base that there is nothing to worry about. Check.
Holding his stupid rallies where some of the most vulnerable to the virus go in their stupid MAGA uniforms to adore the fucker, because his ego needs the constant worship. Check.

The level of irresponsibility is deadly and intentional, no one is this incompetent, not even Trump. I have been trying to figure out why this administration has decided on a strategy that will literally kill off part of his base, and I think I have got it. The economy is tanking and the worse this covid-19 crisis gets the more he will be able to blame the economic downturn on the virus not his handling of the economy, as he heads into November. ‘Not my fault gov. Honest. It was the Chinese wot done it.’

Couple this with the fact that people tend to pull together in times of crisis, and as Americans are generally rather risk averse, they will find it hard to risk changing leadership in the midst of a massive national emergency. After all, that is why Bush Jr got another term, isn’t it, when by all logical measures of competence Kerry should have been sitting in the WH… heh.

Weaponising the virus to try and win a second term, when the economy is tanking, and damn the consequences? Yeah, I can see that.

I have come out for Joe

As an inside outsider I have not, to this point, put my hat in any ring, but today I am officially in the Biden camp.
Years ago, in the last democratic primary I was at newsvine (shut now), we had a real mix of progressives and conservatives, who, until it all went to shit, has some amazing intellectual discussions about policy. In 2016, as a Hillary supporter, I was subjected to the vilest of comments by Bernie supporters, who until that time had loved me when I called out republican bollocks. They were terribly rude about me having the audacity to write as a Brit about American politics, when I was pointing my finger at them rather than the right wing. Not a terribly nice bunch really as it turned out (but this is not why I am supporting Joe).

Couple this with the fact that I have witnessed a too far to the right government for my liking, winning power in the UK, because the general electorate really do not not trust that old crusty democratic socialists will be able to manage the economy and security of the nation, is a lesson that progressives need to understand.

Also, as another poster said the other day, as a white man of power, he stood at the side of younger black man for 8 years, not once trying to steal his policies or take his thunder.

Right now, in the West, we do not need revolutions, we need stability and coherency. We need to try and come together in a period where the markets are losing their minds and Covid. Joe is that guy. And I am not trying to be dramatic when I say that this matters not just for America, but for democracy in the West and not having a WW3. This is not hyperbole... If Bernie manages to seal the nomination Trump will win and democracies will die.

Yeah, in the Joe camp...if I could vote of course

"You're full of shit": Joe Biden Will Never Be NRA President

Joe Biden got into a fine angry verbal foofaraw with a gunhumper at a campaign stop in Michigan today, telling the construction worker who accused him of wanting to "end" the holy Second Amendment "You're full of shit" and adding that his sons hunt, but that doesn't mean everyone has a right to any damn deadly weapon they want.

It was a classic Joe Biden grr-mad. Let's watch!


Biff. Baff. Uppercut.

I think the WH Doctor really dislikes Trump. Properly hates him.

Did you hear Trump at his press conference saying that even though he has been in direct contact with several people who are now in isolation because of contact with a Covid-19 infected righty at CPAC, his doctor has told him that he did not need to get tested for the virus because he felt fantastic (obviously the incubation period is yet again something the wanker does not understand)? Now, call me cynical but an old bloke with morbid obesity, which has no doubt lea to several underlying health conditions, is exactly the type of person that this virus wants to send off planet. And since the President has had up and close with the virus, surely the right response from the doctor would be testing, and putting a plan together for if/when the old toad gets the virus that could literally kill him?

So either Trump is lying about the medical advice, which is possible, as he continues to yugely underplay the significance of the impact to the US as the virus spreads. OR - and this is also very possible- the doctor in the WH finds him as odious as the rest of do...

Oh, Covid!! Pppsssttt, Over Here...

I saw this quote this morning and thought of November...

Graphic mine

It got me thinking about having no limitations on expectations for the democratic outcomes in the general. It is not enough to take down Trump, I mean that will be bloody marvellous in and of itself BUT why not go as big as possible cause if Biden is going to fix the mess this administration has left behind, blue up hill and down dale, county, state, congress, senate would make it a hell of a lot easier. Grappling with the ineffable indeed.
And to be fair with the shockingly appalling way they are handing covid-19, and with the markets in the toilet maybe we could eff sheds loads of republicans...
Biff. Baff. Uppercut.

Not so funny now, is it bro?

I do appreciate when karma kicks the arse of science denying morons who think that making fun of a pandemic is a sensible strategy to mitigate the effects of the harm that is coming upon all of us. Does this make me bad?!?!?

As Trump spends the morning ranting and whining like a pissy little brat on Twitter, remember this?

Graphic mine

Just sayin'...

What will be their excuse for voting for him now?

So the markets are for shit and it is going to take sometime to recover. Everyone is taking a hammering, oil prices are collapsing and the global markets are in full on panic mode. Interesting times... and you know all of those MAGAts who think we are stupid and cannot see the white nationalism that is strong in them. You know the ''I am not a racist or a misogynist or a homophobe or a white christian nationalist, I only vote for him because look at how well my 401 is doing'' crowd. What the fuck are they going to use as their excuse to vote for him in November? Because we all know that while they may love the fact that their 401's were doing well (until this morning that is), that this is not their main driver in their voting choices - not for the MAGAts, not at all....

Shutting the door after the horse has bolted to the supermarket to stockpile loo roll comes to mind.

The UK government is setting up a disinformation office to tackle Russian troll lies on social media about Covid-19, where they are trying to create as much confusion as possible, because disrupting the West is the best. Of course those who are now worried about this disinformation are the exact same people who happily used Russian disinformation to ‘fix’ the outcome of Brexit. They also told us that we should no longer trust experts, that we were tired of fact based decision making, and it worked on quite significant cohorts of the electorate. BUT these right wingers should have been more careful in their distortion of facts, cause the people that fell for that bollocks don't believe in experts anymore...

Fast forward to today and these same cohorts of the electorate are being asked to follow the advice of experts and not fall for Russian disinformation to help contain the spread of the virus.

The irony is strong with this one.
2016 – Russian disinformation good. Experts Bad.
2020 – Experts good. Russian disinformation bad.

Shutting the door after the horse has bolted to the supermarket to stockpile loo roll comes to mind.

Still at least in the UK, the government is taking the advice of the experts, rather than actively engaging with Russian disinformation like the great orange toad squatting in the White House is doing.

What's the most likely place to get Coronavirus?

Badda Bing
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