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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,758

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Silly, silly, it's NOT socialism when they do it...

Remember when Yang suggested a basic universal income and the right wing went nuts? Crazy socialism, the horror!!! Trump suggests sending $1000 to every household and he is a hero to the right wing... nuff said, heh.

Is he having a laugh?

There’ll be plenty of time for voters to judge
& his handling of the Coronavirus crisis, including the first weeks when he sent dangerously misleading signals by downplaying the threat. But now doesn’t seem the moment for negative ads.

This fucking moron did nothing for weeks when America could have flatten the curve. People have and will die because of it. Today he is still blaming a 'Chinese' disease and 'fake news'. But we should give him a break? That is some kind of special.

These millions of abnormally normal people

Graphic mine

Yeah. Love me some Huxley and if MAGA'ts were normal people they would not have adjusted so comfortably to the abnormality that is a Trump Presidency... heh.

Stop the gaslighting bruh

nice try doofo, you went on Fox News last week and PROMISED to cut entitlements. it was recorded. we all saw it. stop the gaslighting bruh and maybe get some ventilators to hospitals and test kits to doctors. do try to be useful for once in your dainty pampered life

Gaslighting and incompetence is part of his DNA. A nasty and dangerous combination.

The Power of Social Distancing

That is staggering. Although the selfish amongst us who are still insisting on going to the pub etc will still think it is not about them...

Don't let these ghouls get away with this...

10 days ago VS tonight

Don't let these ghouls get away with this, they put lives in danger with their BS and they're hoping we all forget

As with everything the right-wing media does – they put people’s lives at risk. They wind people up and then sit back at watch the results. They sat forward and actively told their audience to ignore this virus. That this is some sort of liberal conspiracy – playing into their victim hood and deep state bollocks. They have put at risk millions of people because of this. For years they have told their audiences to ignore fact and evidence-based decision making. To ignore experts. And when the virus starts sweeping through these communities and the response, we see, is for them to go buy more guns, cause?!?! They cannot be allowed to get away with this anymore. They need to be held responsible for what is happening. They are a disgrace and they will cost people their lives.

It was only a matter of time before the racists amongst us...

...started banging the ‘stop international aid’ drum as a response to this crisis.

Put the radio on this morning and was confronted by a radio host on a national radio station suggesting that as the UK is going to go through a difficult time economically that we should stop our international aid budget. That we should be taking care of our own, period.

Never mind that this virus is a freaking global pandemic. Never mind that it does not respect borders. Never mind that mankind in the developing world will have extremely limited access to adequate health care and projects that are funded through international aid are literal lifelines to some of the most disadvantaged in the world. Never mind that a public health crisis on this scale in developing countries will lead to a death rate unimaginable in the West. Never mind that the coming global recession will impact the most economically vulnerable countries the most.

For fucks sake. It is the same isolationist, xenophobic, racist hard line Brexiteers that blamed Johnny Foreigner for all the ills of the UK, now pushing for this measure, when the world should be pulling together. Wankers.

My mum had a neighbour, from a few doors down, knocking on her door today

They are in their early 60's, my mum in her late 70's. They just wanted to check in and make sure that as she should self isolate that should she need anything at all she must call them. She will be fine as my twin lives just over a mile away, but they did not know that. They recognised that my mum is a widow in a vulnerable category, as the PM says she needs to stay pretty much in doors for the next 3 months, they would be happy to do her grocery shopping. This is not a couple my mother would generally chat with. They would say hello and have a wee chat if they saw each other, no more than that. Today, when they saw BoJo 'suggesting' the new restrictions for old people to stay their arse at home in this crisis, their first response was to knock on my mums door. Not all hero's wear capes. And my faith in humanity is back, at least for tonight.

Disaster Nationalism exactly explains the US & UK governments response to COVID-19

Playing on the conspiracy theories - making the virus a object to spread isolationism - not being concerned for the people who will die because they already have their eggs in a row re who to blame - culling the herd is exciting to them - anarchy cloaked in destructive adventure...

This exactly.

You can't just macho out a pandemic, for fucksake...

One of two new Kentucky coronavirus cases refused to self-isolate. He’s being forced.
The patient from Nelson County is a 53-year-old man who tested positive at the University of Louisville, then left against medical advice, Beshear said. The Lincoln Trail District Health Department asked him to self-quarantine, but he refused.


Selfish wanker

You can’t just macho out a pandemic, for fucksake. It doesn’t go away if you Show No Fear. You can’t brazen it out or stare it down or stand strong and defy it by going about your business as normal. I know you’re scared, and macho reflexes are a defence mechanism, but please.

Seriously. This. Acting tough does not mean anything at all to this virus. The way that some are shrugging of the seriousness of this, that they will not let a pesky virus 'beat' them is such a load of dangerous bollocks. This virus will not turn and run cause some wanker is talking tough while acting like a complete tool... idiots.
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