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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,417

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

When Republicans say "Elitist" they really mean "Smart".

I am terribly elite don't you know... So if elite equals smart, then the opposite supposes that the faux 'non elite' are stupid as fuck. You don't say?!?!

They voted for Boris...

Who knew our new normal would be nationalism on steroids?
Heh. We did.

You know how you know they are not real Christians (well one of the reasons)?

I mean all of their nasty would support a position that they are remarkably un-Christ like, however there is one thing that Christ demands of his followers that the religious right wing consistently fail to follow properly – and that is the imperative to spread the Gospel and convert as many souls to the cross as is possible. You know why? I cannot see how it is possible to follow that main directive and support the death penalty. It is not possible. You cannot convert someone who is dead. So, every time they cheer someone being murdered by the state or protest the idea of the death penalty being suspended/banned, they are sending souls to hell unnecessarily, in contravention to the actual main point of being 'born again'.

I think Christ would think that a really big sin… Heh.

They think themselves as Christs representatives on earth … nothing could be further from the truth,
Jesus be like hell to the no...

Graphic mine

America Farce

Qwhite indeed

Seems like the stealers of women's agency are also racist wankers... who knew?!?!

I was listening to a podcast about the growth of the religious right patriarchal bollocks anti-abortion industry, how it took hold in the ‘70’s, and how the resistance to reproductive justice goes much deeper than the Roe v Wade judgement. The theory is as follows:

As we know Roe v. Wade was fought on a right to privacy issue. At the time abortion was seen as a thing that white middle class people did in their home and in the years immediately after Roe, evangelical christian magazines tended to characterise abortion as a question of individual health, family welfare, and social responsibility.

So far so good, right?

And then something happened to create a huge cultural shift and by 1978 their approach to abortion had completely flipped, into the authoritarian, patriarchal, hypocritical stance we are witness to today. To examine why we need to go back further than the decision in Roe v Wade.

If you go back to the 1950’s, Brown v. Board desegregated schools, and we know a bunch of white ‘Christians’ created whites-only Christian academies as a way to circumvent their lily white kids having to go to school with children of colour… oh the horror! We know in the 1960’s the Civil Rights Act had these same people have a cow. They got excised about being challenged by the federal government to act in a reasonable way, with outrage about how their way of racist, *cough* I mean Christian, life was being put under threat. By the 1970’s the republicans recognised this nasty and started feeding it. Bigly. This ‘under threat’ canard becomes a massive strategy for control over the years and, as we know, the leadership in the bible belt has always been really good at creating us and them narratives.

Fast forward to the 1970’s and the whole idea of racial segregation is becoming more and more unacceptable; it is no longer a sustainable message at the pulpit or in the ballot box. And then comes along Roe v Wade. Perfect. Abortion, for many republicans and evangelicals, becomes a proxy issue: it was easier (and more politically acceptable) to oppose abortion than integration and yay for the racist right-wing wankers, they had a new them and us narrative… cause power, cause control. Hating female agency was the next logical step...

...Now the biting makes sense…

It's all about the Constitution, republican idiots...


Stop calling Donald Trump a racist President...

Hehe he is a lot of things, Presidential is certainly not one of them...

Empathy? Empathy? Who the f*ck is Empathy? Heh.

Two things have got my attention in the last 24 hours that really make me despair for a progressive future, one across the pond and one from here in Brit land. Neither of these things is shocking or breaking news, rather they reinforce the shit place we find ourselves in, and I don’t know about you, but I want my country back from these right wing nasty bastards that have hi-jacked it.

Firstly, why the fuck is it that white middle class privileged wankers think they have the right to tell the rest of us what we should find offensive? This is about the Megxit coverage but it is wider than that. It is up to any community who is being discriminated against to define what it is that is offensive, not a bunch of out of touch racist wankers who would not recognise exclusion if it jumped up and bit them on their white pasty arse. They have a complete and utter lack of empathy, you see.

Secondly, I was reading the comment section in the guardian last night on an opinion pieces about BLOTUS. Now, some of these may have been Bots, but there were a significant number of comments excusing the madness of the behaviour of this administration, cause ‘it is all about the economy, stupid’. They are willing to ignore sexual assault, mass murder, concentration camps on the border, roll back of gay rights, complete and utter war on female agency, nazi torches burning, etc et al, because their interest rate may be a wee bit lower. They have a complete and utter lack of empathy, you see.

Two sides of the same really nasty, white is right, we have ours so we do not give a shit about yours, we are right, you are wrong, we are white, we are better, we are loaded, we will lecture and heckle you if you stand against us, we do not have to consider your point of view, our voice counts more than yours complete and utter bollocks.

Lack of empathy, a clear, distinct and fucking unpleasant right wing trait across our lands. They have lost their empathy, if they ever had any, and you can’t teach that... yikes 😱

Aren't we the lucky ones...

Call it parallels, uncanny similarities, collusion (supported by foreign agents), or just a very weird coincidence (heh), but our collective ‘conservative’ movements dogma has been growing ever closer with a significant shift in a policy perspective from the traditional conservative mores of yesteryear. One might almost think it planned, *hhhhmmmm Soph rubs chin*.

Shall we examine the evidence:

*Abandoning business communities to worship at the feet of monolithic multi-national businesses - actively supporting 21st Century international monopolies’ and encouraging market domination of the few as long as they get their sticky little fingers in that oligarch pie, because power and corruption.

*Attempting to turn our nations into small state, low tax, de-regulated, Randist loving hell holes, where through lack of investment in the state, only the most privileged have choices… be it in education, health, business opportunities, carer opportunities etc. Lack of choice for all but the most privileged. As for the rest of us? Low skilled, no skilled, low paid and no workers protections are the name of the conservative game in this century.

*Adherents of ignorance in their core voting base, as a key to retaining power is very much part of their master plans - who needs edumaction and that there learning stuff…after all how can they fool the fools into voting for them if they have developed reasoning and analytical skills? All the bollocks they try and sell like climate change denial and basically hating all brown people, does not pass the smallest of smell tests if you can think for yourself. Please also see point above about small state…

*Affirmation, through word and deed, of a toxic racist and xenophobic ‘pulling the chain’ of certain cohorts of ‘left behind’ communities just to get a vote or three. Ratcheting up hate and stirring decisions, pandering to the worst of us, the literal white supremacists and those who want everyone to be just like them. They are quick to blame everything that is going wrong on johnny foreigner, or feminists, or gay people, or Muslims, or, or, or…. The list is endless. If only we did not expect actual equal treatment everything would be so much better. *Rolls eyes*

*Accursed words in this new horrid conservative movement is many... Inclusivity, equality, diversity, social mobility, immigration, asylum, refugees, wealth tax, state responsibility etc et al.

These fuckers think they are taking over the world. We have this decade to stop the rot. Ten more years of this and what we know and how we grew may be lost in the mist of time.

They must lose, completely and w/o mercy...anything but defeat is not an option...

They have spent the last few years making everyone crazy st their madness... making them miserable in absolute defeat seems fair turnabout.
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