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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,434

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

We will not go quietly into that good night...

We will NOT go gentle into those bastard nights of chicanery in the senate.
We will rage, rage against the dying of democracy.
(Apologies to Dylan Thomas)

These fuckers have gone too far, even for them. It is blatant corruption of the process. Why? Because Trump is the guy? Trump? Really? They are putting all their eggs in basket case Trump? That takes a particular kind of special…

Time to break more than a few eggs and put an end to this travesty of justice and their literal refusal to uphold the rule law. If the law makers will not uphold the rule of law in a nation of laws shit needs to change really quickly otherwise the foundational premise of the states will flounder.

November 2020 outcome needs to be twofold to be completely glorious...

We need all three branches please to undo the horrors of this Presidency. And these enablers all need to punished... handcuffs, jail, trial and hard time for everyone of those fuckers who have wilfully obstructed duly elected representatives from doing their sworn duty. For a generation they must not be allowed to forget that you try and fuck with the democracy of the Unites States that the majority will stop you... and punish you hard for the audacity to think your guy was the guy to fuck it up for the majority, while you profit from the grift.

Lies rot the soul. It is inevitable.

They may think that there are no personal consequences to the massive fuck off lies they tell every single day… BUT they are wrong. They become distorted in their thinking, irrational in their actions because lies beget lies and that infects every part of who you are…

Of course, they think that the lies they tell are just dandy because power and privilege tell them that the con has been ever thus, however…

Their lying rotten ethic and morality free existences permeate every part of society and are a real and present danger to our democracies.

They think it is all good because right now they are not coming after them...idiots

Is it that they are shallow thinkers who are unable to learn the lessons from history?
Is it that they think they are something special that would be immune to the worst excesses of how bad things could get if trump and his enablers get their way?
Is it that their hatred runs so deep that they don’t care about their loss of freedoms as long as the ‘other’ gets it worse?

What they don't get is:

‘’You can't live in a constitutional republic if you allow the government to act like a police state.You can't claim to value freedom if you allow the government to operate like a dictatorship.You can't expect to have your rights respected if you allow the government to treat whomever it pleases with disrespect and a utter disregard for the rule of law.” John W. Whitehead

They will only realise how utterly wrong they have been, when they come knock knock knocking on their doors… and by then it will be far too late to anything about it. With Russian interference a continuous threat to the constitution and the republicans selling their souls for 30 pieces of silver eroding the very basis of the formation of America those that support them would do well to remember that:

''From the Soviet gulag to the Nazi concentration camps and the killing fields of Cambodia, history teaches that granting the state legal authority to kill innocent individuals has dreadful consequences.'' Pete du Pont

We all know where explicit permission to ignore the rule of law can lead. So for trumpers, it may not be today, or tomorrow, but at some point they will also turn on them, if these stealers of democracy are allowed to continue to follow their destructive path.

Elmo's Impeachment Song is that thing we all need...


A thing of beauty and wonder and splendidly precise for a ditty. Bloody brilliant.

I have just watched the news on Virginia gun march and...

...I am so thankful that I live in a place where if that many heavily armed, camouflage wearing white men rocked up in one place, they would be considered a terroristic threat, kettled and arrested as they would almost definitely be carrying the gun in a way that would be in breach of their gun licence. Police would be identifying the people involved and following up to see if they were a threat to the wider community, and it is very likely they would referred to the Prevent programme, at a minimum, which works with radicalised individuals to stop them going to the point of no return in whatever their extremist agenda is.

The only purpose I can see from the whole debacle today is a wish to intimidate anyone who is not exactly like them, I mean you can protest what you fear is an erosion of your rights, without carrying an AK 47 to do it. Seems to me they like to say guns do not kill people, well at a glance millions of people buying and carrying weapons of human destruction without proper regulation very definitely kills people. But hey I am a Brit, we might have a problem with knife crime, but death by guns last year... 155. The USA... 40175. Of course the USA has a bigger population, but per 100,000 you guys sit at 12.21 and Britain sits at 0.23, with a homicide rate of 4.46 and 0.06 respectively. Looking at the 'march' today, those statistics make sense...

I have a dream...

A man of greatness who challenged everyone to be their best self's, to value everyone, to be better.
A wanker of democracy stealing madness who wishes to change the fundamental characteristics of what America was founded on and is... and not in a good way.

I suppose it is like comparing an apple and a swastika!

On this MLK day, it is time for these awful horrid in the moment haters to be reminded, that as MLK said...

''No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream''.

If it looks like an elephant it trumps for the distortion of democracy. Heh.

Graphic mine

Trumps : to trumpet an idea, or to fart loudly - under the circumstances either will do. Farting all over democracy..

As privileged old men desperately want to tell Greta to do one at Davos cause profit and power...

...the alternative be like...

Graphic mine

Golfing while the world burns...
Run for the hills...

A question for the ages...

Graphic mine

I think that ignorance is only bliss when you are left alone to live in your ignorance, in a place where you cannot hurt other communities,. However people who choose to live in ignorance (because it is an active choice), when you get exploited by a far right elite, ignorance becomes confusion and anger because they are really that ignorant.

Or what came first, the ignorance or the anger... hhhmmm

The Elephant(s) in the Room...

Republicans are at least setting up the possibility of ending the trial in as few as two weeks after it starts on Tuesday, clearing the way for the president to be quickly acquitted...


If I was an elephant in that room I would be petrified. The majority are hiding at the centre of the herd, hoping not to be noticed for their chicanery. They have seen what happens to those who wander away from the herd and although some of them know, in moments of personal reflection, that something stinks bigly in the court of Trump, their sense of survival is so short term they do nothing about it. And in doing nothing they risk the very foundations on which America was built.

We can all see the despoiled, ethics free, rotten to the core elephants in the committee room. What they are trying to do is front and centre in the rights distortion of democracy and they may get away with it this month, but in November 2020 America needs to tell these literal and prophetical elephants to fuck right off, that they will not stand for such egregious abuses of the very systems set up to protect the American people from tyranny.

History shows us that hard fought for freedoms can be easily lost and far harder to restore...

I believe that the law is the most important thing in the world today. I don't mean the practice of lawyers. I mean the law itself. Normally I sleep well. If there's one thing that can keep me awake at night it's a vision, which I sometimes have, of this country being ruled by the wishes of its rulers and not by the rule of law.' Could it happen here?'

'Of course it could. It's too bloody easy for a Government to panic and set the law on one side because it happens to be inconvenient. Temporarily, of course. They always mean to bring it back again -- some time.' --Flash Point, 1974”
Michael Gilbert

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