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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,253

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Empathy? Empathy? Who the f*ck is Empathy? Heh.

Two things have got my attention in the last 24 hours that really make me despair for a progressive future, one across the pond and one from here in Brit land. Neither of these things is shocking or breaking news, rather they reinforce the shit place we find ourselves in, and I don’t know about you, but I want my country back from these right wing nasty bastards that have hi-jacked it.

Firstly, why the fuck is it that white middle class privileged wankers think they have the right to tell the rest of us what we should find offensive? This is about the Megxit coverage but it is wider than that. It is up to any community who is being discriminated against to define what it is that is offensive, not a bunch of out of touch racist wankers who would not recognise exclusion if it jumped up and bit them on their white pasty arse. They have a complete and utter lack of empathy, you see.

Secondly, I was reading the comment section in the guardian last night on an opinion pieces about BLOTUS. Now, some of these may have been Bots, but there were a significant number of comments excusing the madness of the behaviour of this administration, cause ‘it is all about the economy, stupid’. They are willing to ignore sexual assault, mass murder, concentration camps on the border, roll back of gay rights, complete and utter war on female agency, nazi torches burning, etc et al, because their interest rate may be a wee bit lower. They have a complete and utter lack of empathy, you see.

Two sides of the same really nasty, white is right, we have ours so we do not give a shit about yours, we are right, you are wrong, we are white, we are better, we are loaded, we will lecture and heckle you if you stand against us, we do not have to consider your point of view, our voice counts more than yours complete and utter bollocks.

Lack of empathy, a clear, distinct and fucking unpleasant right wing trait across our lands. They have lost their empathy, if they ever had any, and you can’t teach that... yikes 😱

Aren't we the lucky ones...

Call it parallels, uncanny similarities, collusion (supported by foreign agents), or just a very weird coincidence (heh), but our collective ‘conservative’ movements dogma has been growing ever closer with a significant shift in a policy perspective from the traditional conservative mores of yesteryear. One might almost think it planned, *hhhhmmmm Soph rubs chin*.

Shall we examine the evidence:

*Abandoning business communities to worship at the feet of monolithic multi-national businesses - actively supporting 21st Century international monopolies’ and encouraging market domination of the few as long as they get their sticky little fingers in that oligarch pie, because power and corruption.

*Attempting to turn our nations into small state, low tax, de-regulated, Randist loving hell holes, where through lack of investment in the state, only the most privileged have choices… be it in education, health, business opportunities, carer opportunities etc. Lack of choice for all but the most privileged. As for the rest of us? Low skilled, no skilled, low paid and no workers protections are the name of the conservative game in this century.

*Adherents of ignorance in their core voting base, as a key to retaining power is very much part of their master plans - who needs edumaction and that there learning stuff…after all how can they fool the fools into voting for them if they have developed reasoning and analytical skills? All the bollocks they try and sell like climate change denial and basically hating all brown people, does not pass the smallest of smell tests if you can think for yourself. Please also see point above about small state…

*Affirmation, through word and deed, of a toxic racist and xenophobic ‘pulling the chain’ of certain cohorts of ‘left behind’ communities just to get a vote or three. Ratcheting up hate and stirring decisions, pandering to the worst of us, the literal white supremacists and those who want everyone to be just like them. They are quick to blame everything that is going wrong on johnny foreigner, or feminists, or gay people, or Muslims, or, or, or…. The list is endless. If only we did not expect actual equal treatment everything would be so much better. *Rolls eyes*

*Accursed words in this new horrid conservative movement is many... Inclusivity, equality, diversity, social mobility, immigration, asylum, refugees, wealth tax, state responsibility etc et al.

These fuckers think they are taking over the world. We have this decade to stop the rot. Ten more years of this and what we know and how we grew may be lost in the mist of time.

They must lose, completely and w/o mercy...anything but defeat is not an option...

They have spent the last few years making everyone crazy st their madness... making them miserable in absolute defeat seems fair turnabout.

I don't even care if this is photo-shopped - it is too damn funny

You know what I just love about MEGXIT...🙄😖

The subconscious (and conscious) bias we have in the UK to other is still strong. Empire and the notion that we are somehow superior goes deep with a certain type of chap. You know the sort - they all voted for Bexit for a start.

I have done my very best to try and ignore ALL of this. If they want to bugger off and make their own way in the world then good luck to them. I don't blame them one bit. BUT every frigging time you turn on the radio we are confronted with yet another programme dedicated to what they are now calling a constitutional crisis - way to over egg the biscuit . Good grief. The vitriol and nasty that is all over the airwaves and in the papers fully and utterly reinforces that the media coverage they have to endure is not just tinged (and sometimes explicit) in racism, but fundamentally steeped in othering. A black woman at the heart of the establishment has been a challenge to the status quo that many have utterly failed to adapt to. And shame on them.

So this sums up the situation we are currently living in. A bunch of white middle aged privileged talking heads are talking to each about how their coverage of the Duchess of Sussex has not been racist while calling her ungrateful and uppity for not willing to put up with being called ungrateful and uppity, reassuring themselves all the while that there is no way they or their coverage has been racist. But the Sussex's are the ones with problem?

*Deep fucking sigh*

The one where Donald Trump had a book bag...

Sunday Funny

When free speech is a right wing bollocks used against the freedoms of everyone else...

I know, first amendment and all that, BUT constitutional permission to spout vile hatred against those they would suppress as they seek to destroy the democratic conventions of the constitution they use to justify their oppressive language (and actions), seems like something of an oxymoron to a Brit like me. Every time they open their gobs it is in bad faith. They no more believe in the constitution than in the man in the moon unless it suits their ends.

They play a canny game these haters of freedom. When they spew out their despicable rhetoric of division, they know they can get away with it. They have no need to justify or substantiate the content of their contemptible far right diatribes, rather they frame their arguments around the fact that the constitution gives them explicit permission to do so, so anyone who criticises them is an enemy of free speech or/and the State.

This works marvellously for them:

My graphic

The irony of using the constitution to try and destroy the constitution from within… but I know, I know… the 1st amendment and even if they don’t respect any part of the constitution ignoring their rights under it would mean being like those wankers I suppose. *Sigh*

They rely on a general lack of outrage as they screw everyone over

It is not the nutters that cheer them on they need to do the real damage, it is the 'I'm all right jack' crowd, that keep quiet in the face of such destruction of norms pf governance who give them the space and power that they need to destroy...

A lack of a point of view in these times of ours is a very dangerous thing indeed.

It is not elitist to look fascism in the face and reject it

Laurie Penny

On the ropes of 2020...

My interpretation:

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