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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,276

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Higgedly Piggedly with an ancient ruin thrown in.

The ruins overlooking the graveyard are from 1196. Grey Abbey or as the locals call to Gryby is a small village in County Down Northern Ireland. The graveyard is younger than the Abbey, of course! But headstones date from the 16th Century onward. They are terribly higgedly piggedly. I took this photo on a visit to family last May.

Germany's far-right AfD says it is 'ready' to take advantage of political stalemate

Speaking in an interview with The Independent on Tuesday, AfD’s campaign chief in Berlin, Goetz Froemming, said if new elections are called, “we will be ready”.

The issue of immigration, which so played to AfD’s strengths two months ago, has again been the undoing of coalition talks. Specifically, Ms Merkel and her would-be allies failed to agree on the matter of family reunions for refugees.

For Mr Froemming, now an AfD member of parliament in the capital, this was a clear sign of the failure of Ms Merkel’s open-policy and enough to see the Chancellor stand down.


A woman shared a perfect example of mansplaining and things got out of control

I think I shared it because it made me laugh. It felt like the most succinct example of a conversation I have everyday. Working in a pub people (and I mean men really) assume that you’re less intelligent than them and also that they have the right to monopolise your time. This particular man had taken it upon himself to ‘educate’ me on a whole host of topics that he didn’t know anything about before we had this exchange.

She added:

The comments section is a perfect mess. Particularly the men who have tried to helpfully explain the situation back to me without understanding it at all. Many people have taken issue with the fact I’ve used the term mansplain. But in my experience I do find it an exclusively male behaviour.


Heh. One wonders - what is worse, mansplaining or manspreading?


I took this picture @ Nottinghill Carnival this year. It is part of a series of paintastic splendour. I just love this picture

A VERY big cave

Caves of Drach. I took these pictures on a trip to the Caves in September.

Conservatives will not stop pushing the Pence rule as a solution to sexual harassment

As stories of powerful men masturbating in front of women, forcibly kissing and groping women, and forcing teenage girls’ heads into their crotch have gained national attention, it’s sparked widespread conversation about how to prevent sexual harassment and assault.

The solution seems obvious: The best way to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault of women and girls is for men not to sexually harass and assault women and girls. But conservatives appear to be less interested in finding ways to teach men how to co-exist with women, who comprise 47 percent of the U.S. labor force, than discussing how best to avoid women altogether.
In particular, conservative writers are increasingly focused on the “Mike Pence rule,” pointing out that Vice President Mike Pence does not eat dinner alone with women who are not his wife and does not go to events where alcohol is being served when his wife is not present. Pence first revealed this detail in a Washington Post article published in March.


Don't Pet the Cops


What happens if aliens are real?

Imagine if E.T., Yoda, and the Na’vi were more than just fictional beings—and what if we could talk to them from Earth? It might be possible one day, thanks to astronomers who sent a message to a star system that may have the ability to support life. The message, which included music and math, was sent in October, but it was announced to the public on Thursday, according to Scientific American.

Although we could hear back in 25 years, it’s unlikely we will, Douglas Vakoch, president of Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) International, told New Scientist.

But, what if we did?

If we hear back, there’s limited guidance in place on how to communicate with the extraterrestrial beings, according to Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer for the SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute.

“There are some protocols, but I think that’s an unfortunate name, and it makes them sound more important than they are,” Shostak told Live Science.


White House Aides Reportedly Showing Trump Selective Polls To Make Him Feel Good

So, one wonders, why exactly does Trump think his poll numbers could be in the 50s and that it is fake news that they’re in the 30s? According to Politico, it’s because White House aides are selectively showing the president polls in an effort to improve his mood.

Aides in the White House often show Trump polls designed to make him feel good, according to aides and advisers. Usually they’re the ones that focus just on voters who cast ballots for him in 2016 or are potential Trump supporters —Trump’s base—but occasionally include public polls like Rasmussen, depending on what the numbers say.

Per one adviser, the polls are all about Trump’s loyal voters, as he “cares about the base.” IT was pointed out that last month the White House sent internal poll numbers to over a dozen lawmakers in an effort to get them behind tax reform.


President Snowflake

Republicans in Congress Think Youre an Idiot

Republicans in Congress must believe voters are dolts. Nothing else can explain the tax bill that just passed the House with 227 Republican votes and no Democrats. No rational person would make the choices that are in this bill. Even granting that big GOP donors want this legislation, and that cutting taxes and spending are the core Republican mission, this bill is ridiculous. Anyone who voted for it should be drummed out of Congress simply for the insult.

Consider the following facts:

At a time when inequality has reached Gilded Age extremes, the Republicans will give fully one-half of the tax cuts to the top 1 percent. That’s not an economic strategy. That’s a plutocrats’ raid on the Treasury.
Corporate profits are near record highs, and corporate taxes are declining as share of federal income, but Republicans hope to lard Big Business with the largest one-time cut in corporate taxes ever. Three-quarters of the benefits of the $1.4 trillion bill go to businesses—and those are permanent. The remainder that goes to individuals will end in eight years when Senate Republicans get done with it.

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