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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,982

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

He took the 10 years

Not enough that they murdered her - attempts to smear her after death are a new low.

Former Trump supporters clash over the president's failures in Kenosha

Just wow. There are some people that are just lost to the rest of us.

All in one day...


*White House is investigating a plane 'loaded with thugs in black uniforms' who went to the RNC focused on doing 'big damage' and alleges rioters are being funded by some 'very stupid rich people' (there is absolutely no evidence for this - there is of course evidence of federal thugs in black uniforms being flown into Portland...).

*Says "people that are in the dark shadows" and "people you haven't heard of" are 'pulling the strings' for Joe Biden (literally using language that speaks directly to the classic conspiracy theory mindset and connects back to the very very very anti-Semitic conspiracy theory the Elders of Zion - because of course he did).

*Kyle Rittenhouse was 'very violently attacked' before he shot two BLM protesters and says that the White House is investigating the circumstances of the shooting (even though his fanboy has actually been charged with murder, so the police investigation has concluded that there is sufficient evidence to bring charges).

*Claims he has reached out to the Blake family to meet with them when he visits Kenosha (family confirms that this is complete bollocks).

*Tweets condolences to a far right agitator who got in too deep and died on the streets of Portland (because they are very fine people?).

*Refuses to condemn far right vigilantes descending on the streets, encourages more of them to take the law into their own hands and bring violence to the streets of democratic cities (confirming once again that he is a vicious morality free zone).

*Compares police shooting people in the back to golfers who 'choke and miss three-foot putts’ (I can't even).

*Confirms that he would be 'irreparably harmed' if Manhattan prosecutors gets his tax returns (because he is a lying crook….).

He is batshit fucking cray cray, and a danger to every single American. Even the nutters that still support him, despite all of the evidence of his mendacity - are at risk of severe harm at his hand. He will see America burn to retain power and he does not care who gets harmed in the meantime. That far right chap who got shot in Portland? He will see him as a willing martyr to his cause and cares not one jot for his death - in fact I am sure he is rather pleased as he uses it as a rallying cry to bring more of his brown shirts onto the street – where have we seen that kind of shit before? Oh. Wait.

No-one could ever call me Florence

I am shit with blood and bowels and vomit. When I was 16-18 I worked as a cleaner in one of my parents nursing homes. I was heaving *gack* pretty much all of the time. But now I have made a decision and I am living it. As the SO spends most of the day in bed, hunkered down with his pain, I am being his Nightingale. Quite frankly, my ability to put up with *gack* seems to have matured as my only focus is to make him as comfortable as possible. What he gets he needs, always. But the dread of him leaving me, laying heavy in the pit of my stomach, will not cease. He is dying in front of my eyes. Every time I go check on him, I expect it to be the last time I see him breathing. So yet again I call on you. I know this is tedious, but this is the rhythm of my life as my heart prepares to go off planet and I need your backs. Soz for emotional bollocks.

This is what Trumps America looks like

Good people trying to do the right thing, while Trumps brown shirts stop them, even when one of their own could die.

Trump's New Hampshire speech in 104 seconds. - TLP


How can anyone? I can't even.

Trump is supporting and applauding radical far right terrorists in real time

Many academic studies, government reports and news articles have analyzed the role of religion (or the misinterpretation of religious concepts and scripture) in radicalizing Muslims and mobilizing them to wage “Holy War” against their enemies around the globe. Few have discussed how right-wing extremism exploits Christianity and the Bible to radicalize and mobilize its violent adherents toward criminality and terrorism. Much like Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, violent right-wing extremists — who refer to themselves as “Soldiers of Odin,” “Phineas Priests,” or “Holy Warriors” — are also inspired by religious concepts and scriptural interpretations to lash out and kill in the name of religion. Yet very little is said or written about such a connection.

White supremacists, sovereign citizens, militia extremists and violent anti-abortion adherents use religious concepts and scripture to justify threats, criminal activity and violence. This discussion of religious extremism should not be confused with someone being extremely religious. It should also not be misconstrued as an assault on Christianity. Rather, it represents an exploration of the links between violent right-wing extremism and its exploitation of Christianity and other religions to gain a better understanding of how American extremists recruit, radicalize and mobilize their adherents toward violence and terrorism.

Emphasis mine

The report is from a couple of years ago but makes very interesting reading. I think maybe Trump read it as a how to model... When a teenager goes out and guns people down on the street and NONE OF THEM condemn it, while sending RIP to a white supremacist agitator, it is akin to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi not condemning the Beatles of ISIS, while spouting his vindication bollocks. The type of murder may have been more grotesque but the justification coming from the American far right are the same. And hell, if they continue to get away with this, if these terrorists get more and more emboldened by the terrorist in chief who knows where it will end, and what they will feel comfortable with. Certainly coming after any enemies of Trump - the media, the democrats, BLM, all of them will be fair game if Trump gets another four years, which would lead to another 40 years in the darkness. Look at Eastern Europe after World War 2 and how long it took them to get out from under communism when most of those states where functioning democracies before WW2 when Hitler and then the SU rolled in. Russia is rolling in right now.


They are the American ISIS of 2020 and if he gets another term Gilead be like bring it on.

Carnival is virtual this year so I thought I would share from Carnival past...

Of COURSE they are demonstrating in democratic run cities

This theme about the ‘violence’ on the streets is all in democratic run cities is illogical. By virtue of the fact that people have the good sense to vote blue means that they will also be more civically engaged than the trump cult swamp monsters that dwell in republican areas of America. Those people have shown they will only march to intimidate people who do not agree with them, to wave their guns around and be very very nazi. The right wing loves a bit of unrest when they are waving their slave flags on the back of trucks plastered with cult stickers shouting blues lives matter as a white supremacist dog whistle. They just don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

And so, of course they are demonstrating in democratic cities, where else are they supposed to do it? Maybe they should do what the real trouble makers and boogaloo’s are doing and bus themselves into republican run cities to demonstrate, the way the far right is busy bussing themselves into Portland & Kenosha, waving their guns about, killing and intimidating the local population – even as one of them ends up dead as a result. I think we all know who is the real danger to America… and it is not those using their first amendment rights to demonstrate in democratic run cities.

They are atrocious, brutal, brutish and cruel... BUT...

So these heartless, inhumane and monstrous sycophantic stealers of democracy think they can point at people protesting their callous disregard for humanity, civil rights and just governance, and accuse them of being uncivilised? As these power-hungry white supremacists support a monstrous, ruthless and sadistic wanker in chief to be his worst self I think we all know who the uncivilised is amongst us. Trump is a truculent and vicious man who would see hundreds of thousands of Americans die if it meets his ends to retain power, and not give them a second thought. Those people on the South Lawn are vulgar and wicked to a one and flipping them off seems a somewhat restrained response, for what they have done to the American Experiment over the last 4 years is obscene.

America 2020: Ethic and morality free zones call protesters uncivilised. Of course they do. Fuck that.
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