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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,251

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Ann Coulter Lives an Empty Life of Quiet Desperation (Her Words)

Ann Coulter has tweeted over 30,000 times. Most of those tweets consist of her promoting her right-wing agenda, some involve her yelling at Delta, and at least one features a beagle playing the piano. There’s also the one where the controversial conservative pundit went full Twitter sad girl.

Coulter, unhappy with Senator Marco Rubio’s desire to expand child tax credits in the Republicans’ tax plan, made her displeasure known on Friday — and, in doing so, sent out a bleak self-own.

“We singles live empty lives of quiet desperation and will die alone,” she wrote. “Now Rubio is demanding that we also fund happy families with children who fill their days with joy.


Did she think her hate filled bile would make her popular and likeable??? Heh

Always Worth Repeating.....


Trump-Loving Preacher Calls For Removing Democrats From Office By Force (VIDEO)

Wallnau, who claims that Trump was anointed by God as POTUS, streamed a video Thursday on his Periscope site, calling on conservative Christians to mobilize for the 2018 elections in order to “literally remove every leftist from a position of government influence” because the Nazis are on the march.

“We are going to lose America if we don’t actually mobilize,” Wallnau warned. “We’ve got the people and we’ve got the momentum. I’ll tell you where it starts—I hate to say it, but you have to literally remove every leftist from a position of government influence where they open the door to advance their lawless utopia … We’re going to have to smash that. You start with the political. You have got to take those political offices. You have to because you have to dismantle the apparatus of where power can come in through the top, to the courts and legislation.”


Democracy - we don't need no stinking democracy ......

Kevin Swanson Blames Roy Moores Loss On Alabamas Love Of Pornography

Swanson, who interviewed Moore on his program earlier this year, told his audience that Alabama was among the states where people spent the most time on the website Pornhub in 2016, which lead him to conclude that it was no coincidence that Moore lost because “that state probably has significant sexual problems, especially since Doug Jones is so in favor of sexual perversion, transgenderism and homosexuality. Evidently, the state of Alabama must have a problem with sexuality. It’s obvious.”

“Unless there is a spiritual awakening,” Swanson added, “I think these conservative states are going to become liberal in their moral values within another five, 10, or 20 years. If the fathers are doing pornography, the kids are going to turn into homosexuals. The fathers will hide their sin and the children will come out of the closet with it. By the way, the top porn search word in Alabama and Mississippi is ‘lesbian.’ So another indication that the father’s generation is dabbling in porn, the children’s generation will go head over heels for some of the most egregious sexual crimes that men ever engage in.”


hehehe a fundies mind and logic is a truly mystifying thing to behold

Republican lawmaker: Reducing carbon emissions will kill all the trees and plants

A Republican lawmaker in Colorado believes that environmental measures to reduce carbon emissions will kill off plant life. During during a talk radio appearance last week, state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg explained why he opposed efforts to curb the emission of greenhouse gases by taxing them.

“So, you know, when we talk about carbon dioxide and those type of things, actually, those are important to agriculture and to the balance of nature,” he explained. “Trees and plants use carbon dioxide to create oxygen. It’s part of their process. And it’s nature’s way to make things work. So I guess my argument to those enviros that want less carbon is, ‘Here, you want to kill all the trees and plants.'”


Who the hell votes for an idiot like this???

Trump Presidency Scorecard

What a winner....

What the fuck has changed??


1972. Crying Kids. Dying Kids.....45 year later fuck all is different

But, hey, Happy Christmas.

Our right wing is as fucking mad as your right wing

Anna Soubry (British MP) receives messages calling for her to be hanged as a traitor...

Anna Soubry, one of the 11 Conservative MPs who defied government whips this week when the government suffered its first Commons defeat over Brexit, has received multiple messages saying she should be hanged as a traitor.

Messages received by Soubry’s office – usually seen first by her parliamentary staff – also feature abuse, with one Facebook message saying: “Go hang yourself slag.”

It follows death threats to Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general, who drew up the amendment to the EU withdrawal bill that passed on Wednesday by 309 votes to 305, ensuring MPs must have a final vote on any Brexit deal.


One, from a man in Tonbridge, Kent – about 150 miles from Soubry’s Broxtow constituency – read: “You deserve to be HUNG for your attack on our democracy yesterday. WE VOTED OUT! OUT! OUT!” The writer, who gave his full address and telephone number, ended the email: “MAY YOU BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY.”


Our stiff upper lip has been lost in a loud noise of nasty racist. Hang 'em high cause if you do not believe in the cause you are a traitor. All my adult life I felt so fortunate to be live where I live and be from my generation. Now I weep, and am fucking furious. Wanker Nazi bastards need to fuck the right off.

Time for remainers to this shit up and let these low knowledge fuckers know they cannot get away with this shit.

Only slightly cross......

Last year Jo Cox (A British MP) was murdered by these muttering fanatic fools. Call for a hanging right now? Someone is going to try and pull this shit. Because that is what right wingers do.

I end where I started. Where the fuck is our stiff upper lip? Difference of opinion is not treachery. Unless you are a nazi, innit?

Incredible obituary of man who served in WW2, married his husband and changed his name goes viral

There is so much to marvel at here. The involvement in the Normandy landings, the fact that Hodges was one of the first British men to enter Belsen during the liberation and his marrying the love of his life in 2005 when same-sex marriage was finally legalised all add up to something truly remarkable.


My Great Uncle Tommy was also one of the first to enter Belsen. He slept with the light on until the day he died. Bill rocks, or rocked!

RWNJ Black Pastor: Blacks Who Didnt Vote For Roy Moore Do Not Believe In God (AUDIO)

But to hear one of the nation’s most prominent and most rabid black conservatives talk, it would have turned out differently if Alabama’s black voters really believed in God.

Even by religious right standards, Jesse Lee Peterson is a loathsome character. So loathsome, in fact, that it’s tempting to wonder if he’s a caricature. This is a man who thinks business owners ought to be able to turn people away on account of race, believes Trump is a shining example of a “real man,” and thinks Democrats weren’t sincere in praying for Steve Scalise’s recovery because they were supposedly praying to the devil.

But Peterson may have outdone himself during his post mortem on the Alabama special Senate election–particularly the fact that a staggering 96 percent of blacks cast their votes for Jones.
To his mind, numerous polls showing 80 percent of blacks believe in God are bogus. Why?

“I’m here as a black American to tell you that they’re lying. They do not believe in God. They do not. If they believed in God, they would have clear minds. They would have sound minds. They would have godly values that guides them. They would live on the side of righteousness. Black Americans are the most brainwashed, dumbed-down, demoralized, corrupt people that I’ve ever heard of or met in my entire life. They call good evil and evil good.”

He went on to say that no true “son or daughter of God” could support a Democrat. He loudly asked Alabama’s blacks, “How can you be of good, of God, of truth, of love and vote for a man such as Doug Jones or even Barack Hussein Obama?” After all, Jones, like Obama, is pro-choice and supports marriage equality. Any black Alabamian who voted for Jones and says they don’t support abortion or marriage equality “cannot be honest about being of their father, the devil.”

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