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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,640

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Government criticised for 'Islamophobic' lockdown rules meaning British Muslims are unable to

celebrate Eid

On Thursday night, the government surprised everyone with a brand new set of lockdown rules for people in the north of England.

Announcing there had been a ‘spike’ in cases, stricter rules were imposed from midnight on households in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

The city of Leicester was also included in the new rules.

They mean that people from different households can no longer meet indoors, including in pubs and restaurants.

But the announcement was made the night before Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest days in the Islamic calendar.


I know there are spikes in some South Asian communities but if the government can say that delaying a week did not matter at the start of lockdown, surely delaying a day for Eid would not have had that big an impact - but they just didn't think about Eid at all in this decision making. People are likening it to cancelling Christmas at 10 pm on Christmas Eve. Yet another unforced error by this government. If they even knew it was Eid, or what Eid represents - which I would find doubtful - I can guarantee they did not give one seconds thought to the impact of this lock down on Muslim families. This is what happens when you have a bunch of posh privileged white right wing tossers in charge - they are unable to perspective take from a minority point of view because they firstly, could not give a shit about those communities and secondly they do not have those minority communities sitting at the top table. And so of course they just cancelled Eid for large sections of our Muslim communities, of course they did. They will be highly offended at being call Islamaphobic but just not bothering to consider the impact of the lock down on this day of days is at the very least uncaring of the many Muslims living in the north, I personally think it is worse than that - you can go to the pub but not into another persons home... which community does that serve?!?! Hhhmmm


Portrait by Dan Lacey.

A racist dog whistle of epic proportions...

Trump’s move to repeal the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule in an attempt to reintroduce segregation to suburbs is a racist dog whistle of epic proportions that, I suspect, in 2020 will not work the way he thinks it will. Trump and his sycophantic syphilitic nazi enablers live in white supremacist bubble that is nothing like the landscape of most peoples lived reality, and even if suburbia has never felt challenged on race relations in any real meaningful sense to effect change in the wider community, there is a big difference between that and actively wanting to live an all-white experience. To be fair heading back to Jim Crow will work with his basest of base, but most people, in the year of the murder of George Floyd and BLM have spent time exploring the relationship between POC and the state and the disproportionality of state violence against certain communities. (White) Suburban mum and dad are not deaf or blind to these discussions, though the racist prick in the white house obviously thinks they must be – in the same way he is. He wants them to be scared of the ‘big black bogey man’ that only he can save them from *rolls eyes*. He is measuring them against his standards of ethics and morality – as in assuming they have none but I think he may find that many in suburbia in 2020 understand the optics of this aggressively racist policy much better than he does…

Meanwhile back on planet normal the white, black and brown people of suburbia (cause in reality suburbia is not the exclusive white space that the racist in chief perceives it to be) see covid-19 infection rates continue to explode, death rates continue to climb, the republicans trying to reduce unemployment payments to the point that kids across the land will be living in food poverty, the economy is in the tank, job instability is very real and children are about to be sent to potential death camps when schools reopen next month, so yeah, lets see how Jim Crow works for him in November. Hazarding a guess that it will not make one single dent in his cratering polls.



Dictionary publishers grateful for new definition of 'irony' after Tommy Robinson flees to another

country ‘to keep his family safe’

Former EDL leader and professional gammon-herder Tommy Robinson has been thanked by dictionary publishers today, for providing the perfect definition of ‘irony’.

Robinson has fled the country with his family, citing concerns for their safety and expects another nation to take them in and allow them to stay – even though their chosen country isn’t the nearest country to which he could have moved.
Currently resident in Spain, and in a move that makes him sound more and more like a refugee, Robinson insisted he no longer feels safe in the UK and only moved to Spain to ensure he can live without fear of persecution for his beliefs, which are at odds with a large majority of his native country.

However, the move has been welcomed by dictionary makers, with the team from the Oxford English Dictionary saying it’s proven very helpful to have a new ‘gold-standard’ definition.
“Thankfully, Tommy has turned up in another country claiming he had to leave his homeland for the safety of his family after years bemoaning immigrants in the UK having done precisely the same.

“And that is just deliciously ironic.”

Emphasis mine

Satire, but not really. It is great he is gone but I really want Spain to kick him out - see if he applies for asylum
All of the ironies... cause he really did say he moved to Spain because of being persecuted for his far right racist views, and wanted to protect his family... and he really does not see the double standard of fleeing to a foreign country for safety having tried for years to stop our country from accepting families who are fleeing from actual persecution has caused actual harm.

The combined zealotry fundamentalism and faith over facts is literally deadly to entire nation

All those evangelicals that call us demon-crats are desperate for the thrice married rapist racist adulterer to retain power so they can continue their theological domination over all the horrors that come out of Trumps white house. But they are really shit at running the country. When you rely on allegories in a book written 5 thousand years ago to create law of course if will be fucked up - and that shit will kill people. But even though they and their great orange god have failed by every metric out there, that matters not one jot to a group of people who proclaim that they are being persecuted when all the while generational persecution of anyone who is not part of their white racist privilege happy clappy smug cult of in built advantage, that they refuse to recognise, but that is self evident to everyone else. Of course they don't care that everyone else sadder and poorer, cause power, privilege and Jesus. In a statement of the obvious they need to be routed in November!

Americans are all living the Republican dream now: Paul Krugman for the NYTimes

Paul Krugman, writing for the New York Times, painfully explains that what is happening right here, right now, is nothing more than the natural endgame of all Republican, “conservative” philosophy. This is where it was all headed, and where it has always been headed. And anyone with half a brain should have seen it coming:

You see, the modern U.S. right is committed to the proposition that greed is good, that we’re all better off when individuals engage in the untrammeled pursuit of self-interest. In their vision, unrestricted profit maximization by businesses and unregulated consumer choice is the recipe for a good society.
The idea of a collective responsibility—of a social compact between Americans-- was always, implicitly, poisonous to that shiny, conservative ideal. And it has manifested itself in ways that we have seen unfolding during the course of this horrid pandemic, as conservative attitudes have been exposed and highlighted under the harsh glare of reality:

This rage is sometimes portrayed as love of freedom. But people who insist on the right to pollute are notably unbothered by, say, federal agents tear-gassing peaceful protesters. What they call “freedom” is actually absence of responsibility.
Everything they’ve believed and lived, oblivious or indifferent to the harm it caused, for decades, is now at mortal risk. And they would rather die than see the entirety of their prior existence trivialized, or worse, completely discredited.

The point, instead, is that they’ve sacralized selfishness, hurting their own political prospects by insisting on the right to act selfishly even when it hurts others.

What the coronavirus has revealed is the power of America’s cult of selfishness. And this cult is killing us.

Emphasis mine

Late stage capitalism run rampant presenting as a death cult. Who woulda thunk it?!?!

What do you do when your SO is fading in front of you?

My partner in life (believe it or not a small c conservative!) is fading in front of me. He got a cancer diagnosis during lockdown and has had radiation therapy. Chemo was judged too dangerous because of the immune suppression danger. The story he tells me is that it has worked. In front of my eyes I know that it has not. At least 3 stone (14 pounds in a stone) weight loss, fatigue and the inability to walk to the end of the street tells me that my chap is not in a good place. What do I do? Force a conversation? I don’t think I could because maybe his denial is strong and to point out what I see could be truly emotionally damaging for him, or he knows and it trying to protect me (just shit). Equally, we cannot get a plan for saving his arse without confronting what is front us. I am in tears writing this and DUers I need your sage advice.

This should be raised every time the storm trumpers in Portland are spoken about.

Oh my double standards you say? The hypocrisy and the lack of a level playing field is built into the DNA of the republican movement and all that enable them, and the horrors that they perpetuate against minority communities is part of their plan to retain power.
White male far right privilege be like of course the constitution only applies to us... of course they get treated differently, they have spent 400 years making it so - and what is happening right now points completely to why people have to protest in the face of government paid for violence - so that in the future the staggering difference of treatment between co-horts are significantly mitigated.

Just finished watching Glory for the umpteenth time

Every fucker who thinks that the Confederate Flag and those that fly it need to be pampered to are traitors to those who died needs to watch this film again and again. Those run away slaves who gave their lives to the Union and freedom. These black men and the black men that came after them where important in the winning the war, when racist fucking slave owners and their enablers did treason then and now do everything they can to make it OK today. BLM. Period. Then and now, same shit different day.
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