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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,640

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Another fake Pelosi video goes viral on Facebook (and of course they don't take it down)

Facebook's fact-checkers on Sunday labeled as "partly false" a video that it said was manipulated to make it appear as if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was drunk or drugged. The video had been circulating on Facebook since Thursday and by Sunday night had been viewed more than 2 million times.

A similarly false video of Pelosi went viral on Facebook in May 2019. At the time, Pelosi blasted Facebook for not removing the video. Facebook had instead applied a fact-check label to it.
Stone told CNN, "Following an incident over a year ago with a previous video of Speaker Pelosi, we took a number of key steps, making it very clear to people on Facebook when a third-party fact-checker determines content to be false and updating our policy to make explicit the kind of manipulated media we will remove. And, as always, when a video is determined false, its distribution is dramatically reduced and people who see it, try to share it, or have already shared it, see warnings alerting them that it's false."


Tik Tok took it down. You Tube took it down. 2 million views on FB and counting and flagged or not they are demonstrating once again that they are forever ok with actual fake news as long as it makes them money. Synthetic media is only going to get more insidious as time goes on and any company who is ok with that cause profit above all else is a danger to freedom and democracy. One of the ironies of course is that Chinese owned Tik Tok - who according to Trump is risk to national security - took it down, while American owned FB did not...What does that tell you? Heh.

Epic Never Trumper Rant

Boom, boom, shake the room.
The only thing that I disagree with is Trump being allowed to slink off the pay golf. Man needs to be in Court. Other than that splendid rant. Of course there is always a problem with the never trumpers, because they helped create the climate that allowed all those batshit crazy tea party wankers to get voted in in 2012 cause Obama and Jebus and which inevitably led to a republican party that could be taken over by Trumpism. Of course in saying that, at least they have seen the light and rants and the Lincoln Project all help towards the main goal and conservatives having conversations with other conservatives about the danger of reelecting Trump is a useful thing to happen right now, cause those, who at this point are still thinking about voting Trump, would never listen to a democrat!

In lieu of flowers...


Supporting the ousting of Trump from beyond the grave... mighty fine lady! And may she RIP (after November of course!)

He'll being taking his medicine come November, sans the sugar of course...

What a great sign and get up!!! Even Mary Poppins hates Trump
When he gets spanked in November it will be a bitter pill to swallow and the more bitter the better. No letting him sugar coat his defeat to help the medicine go down - see what I did there

They flocked in their dozens...

Emperor Covid goes visiting purple states and the purple states said nah. Wonder why the WH did not post a long shot themselves👀 Hehe. How can people in the time of great economic insecurity and an out of control pandemic not wish to soak in his great orange nazi glow? Who woulda thunk it?

The lesson of the 1930's is that democracy is precious (and fragile).

Graphic mine

As Mason points out in this article (link below) the authoritarian strong men the world over is using the pandemic to seize further control of their societies. And from Belarus to Hungary to Russia to the USA they are all feeding off each other, emboldened by this time we are living through – and creating a real danger for western democracy for the first time since WW2. This week in the USA there were storm troopers on the streets, the post office is being destroyed from within to undermine postal voting in the election, the president suggests that the election may be delayed and even if it is not delayed he will not accept the results, and if they try and make him accept the results then he will sue. As Mason says:

...both in Germany and Italy fascism was prepared by authoritarians who worked overtime to erode people’s belief in democracy. Amid an economic crisis, and with the state unable to guarantee people’s physical security, the prestige of democratic institutions evaporated.

Mussolini wrote in 1921 that "democracy is dying in every country in the world... new aristocracies are rising: now that it has been shown that the masses cannot be the protagonists of history, but only its instruments" (Opera Omnia, Vol 18).

[link:https://www.newstatesman.com/international/2020/07/why-actions-authoritarian-leaders-are-urgent-political-issue-uk|] Emphasis mine

There is a fascist in the WH actively working to erode peoples trust in the democratic process. So very very 1930's. At this point it is not enough for them to gerrymander, to suppress the vote by whatever means they can – at this point they are undermining the very fabric of the election system to cling to a white authoritarian power that does not belong to them post November, because despite what they are trying to pull the US is still a democracy and just cause a nazi conned and lied his way to the highest office in the land does not mean he gets to con and lie his way to staying there after the nation gives him an electoral spanking (fingers crossed). And if he refuses to go then come January, they need to go arrest him and throw his arse in prison for high crimes and misdemeanours against the very democratic institutions that form the American experiment and which he trying to destroy in front of our eyes.

Sometimes it is the seemingly simple things...

Won't that be nice... tick tock November!

'Indefensible and Disgusting': Senate Departs for 3-Day Weekend as Unemployment Benefits Expire for

30 Million

The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate has adjourned for a three-day weekend as enhanced unemployment payments are officially set to lapse on Friday, guaranteeing that tens of millions of Americans will see their incomes drop by 50-75% with another rent payment due in 24 hours.

The Senate's departure followed a long day of jockeying and blame-hurling on the floor Thursday that ultimately failed to produce a solution for the nearly 30 million Americans who for months have relied on the $600-per-week unemployment insurance (UI) boost to meet basic needs as the economy remains in deep recession.

The chamber is not set to reconvene until 3 pm Monday.

"Just so we're all clear," tweeted economist Robert Reich, "more than 25,000,000 unemployed Americans are about to lose their extra unemployment benefits, and the Senate just left for a three-day weekend. Republicans have lost the right to govern."

Emphasis mine

They lost their right to govern when they threw their protective arms around a rabidly corrupt president during the impeachment - this is just the icing on the let them eat cake attitude of people who have never seen their children go hungry or are threatened with homelessness. May all Americans remember this day when their neglect led to further heightened economy insecurity for millions of Americans in the time of a pandemic. They need to be routed in November.

'Mourning Nazis': Trump Ambassador Blasted for Visiting Nazi Cemetery on Jewish Day of Mourning,

Lamenting Cost of War

U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra on Thursday visited a Nazi cemetery and called the experience a “terrible reminder of the cost of going to war and why we must always work towards peace.” Hoekstra is a former GOP Congressman who served as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

The cemetery is the burial place of dead Nazis killed in World War II, and other German soldiers from both WWI and WWII. Thursday was a Jewish day of mourning, Tisha B’Av, known as “the saddest day on the Jewish calendar.”

In World War II the Nazis murdered an estimated 6 million Jews.

The nonprofit news site Michigan Advance notes that “Neo-Nazis have been known to visit to honor Nazis buried” at at the Ysselsteyn German war cemetery. It is the largest World War II German cemetery.

Emphasis mine

This was deliberate. He was literally in your face mourning those who killed 6 million Jews on the Jewish day of mourning. Yet another Nazi in the Trump administration emboldened to be a Nazi in public... Yet again reinforcing how despicable they really are! The level of disrespect and the utter lack of decency should not surprise, but sometimes, just sometimes they manage to do something with such horrid in your face impacts on a minority community that it still takes your breath away. The antisemitism on display here is on every level of nasty and Hoekstra is talking directly to the torch wielding 'Jews shall not replace it' far right bugaloo wankers as the Administration gins up the hate as the clock ticks down to the election. I HATE these fuckers.

Three Men and a Baby

Heh. Remember when Bush stole an election? Seems almost nostalgic now cause at least he did not put brown shirts on the streets of predominately back cities across the land, threaten to delay the election and undermine citizens trust in the democratic process - my bad he definitely did that last one!!!! . But while I have problems with Dubya being in the same headline with Obama and Clinton - in comparison to the nazi in the WH... Three Men and a Baby seems more than appropriate.
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