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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,136

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Donald Trump is so poor...


Donald Trump is so poor, he can’t even own the libs.

So either he is a tax evader, or a really bad businessman, a security risk - cause he owes all of those loans to someone... or a combination of these things - I am going with all three.

This is why he needs to steal the election, when the Russian mafia comes looking for their cash, which he seemingly does not have, the security in the WH is great protection. Coupled with it being highly unlikely that the IRS would come for a sitting Presidents. Trying to protect himself from shady business dealing outcomes, with taxpayers money when he spends huge amounts of energy evading paying tax is all of the ironies dying, again.

Trump brags Amy Coney Barrett will kill abortion rights: 'I guess she maybe would'

Trump made the remarks in an interview that aired Sunday on Fox & Friends after host Pete Hegseth noted that the president had previously said that his Supreme Court picks would “automatically” overturn Roe v. Wade.

“I didn’t think it was for me to discuss that with her,” Trump explained. “Because it’s something that she’s going to be ruling on. And this is what I was told — although, I would have had the right to do that.”

“But if you look at her past actions and rulings, I guess, she maybe would be in the category that you mentioned,” he added. “I don’t know. I can say this, that she is certainly conservative in her views and her rulings. And we’ll have to see how that all works out.”

Emphasis mine

Dystopian novels are NOT supposed to be used as instruction manuals

All graphics mine - you can tell that I am trying to keep, my mind busy!

Judge him by the company he keeps...

Graphic mine

Heavily armed nazi's stalking the streets. Going to into liberal areas to stoke up trouble - where have we seen that before? Trump loves anyone who loves him and he LOVES the Proud Boys. He must be judged by the company he keeps, and anyone that associates with him must also be judged by the company he keeps. If people choose to vote for Trump after all the havoc that has reigned down for the last fours years, they are voting for a fascist state, wherein heavily armed nazi gangs will roam the streets with impunity, imposing the will of the dear leader. Anyone who votes Republican this coming election must also be judged by the company they choose to keep. They are taking the side of fascism, racism, hate driven policy free governance, violence, concentration camps, child abuse, deaths in their millions (cause herd immunity), continuance of modern day lynching's, corruption, mendacity, ethics free pile of SHIT. Vote for THAT? They are all if that. Every single one of them.

When they fail to steal the election, which seems likely as everything they touch dies in an incompetent mess of utter failure, every single lawmaker, voter, boogaloo and nazi that votes for, supports or donates anywhere on the Republican ticket, after all they have wrought on America and Americans must be forever shunned. They should not be allowed to take America to the brink and still be allowed to be active participants in civilised society.

NONE OF THEM are fit . Not one.

So Trump nominated the batshit cray cray religious cult, submissive wife, theocracy believing lady to the Supreme Court. Of course she is not fit to sit in the highest court of the land... when has the wanker in chief EVER given anyone a job because they can demonstrate the skills and competencies to do the role? Looking at the sycophantic failures and dimwits he surrounds himself with, I am going to say never.

Any Republican Senator who votes for this woman can no longer call themselves a republican in good faith. They are owned by Trump and shame on them. They need to be routed and sent into exile for a generation. I suppose the issue for McTurtle is weighing the sacrificing of a generation of conservative law makers for control of the highest court of the land for decades to come. He certainly cannot have both.

Of course, any jurist worth their proof would turn down a nomination this close to the election, but she is the far right religious fascistic type who loves to tell everyone else how evil they are if they do not live their lives the way her cult proscribes. So while this horror show speaks out of both sides of her mouth about how she follows the law, get ready for reproductive rights to be gutted, and the ACA to be destroyed in the time of a pandemic. Abortions of course, will not going away, just safe abortions. Health care needs will not go away, just the insurance people need for treatment, in the times of a pandemic. They can just stay at home and drown in their lungs instead of getting the treatment needed.

Nothing this President has done has been in Americas interest. Ever. This nomination is yet another example of this.

If MAGA was around in 1776


This is exactly who they are

A vote for the republicans is a vote for racist vigilantes.


Anyone got the worlds smallest violin?

Lindsey Graham: I’m getting overwhelmed... help me, they’re killing me moneywise. Help me

This is what happens to turncoats and traitors. They cry, whine and grovel on the propaganda network cause people KNOW what he is and he can't get the dollars in.

Jaime Harrison has talked about living rent free in Lindsey's head. I think after that little clip we can all agree that he sure is. What a sweet sweet thing to happen for him to lose his seat. Like with many of the enablers of Trump, things will only get better when they get their just deserts and being voted out of office is part of that.

Sammy Wilson MP pictured not wearing mask on tube

A photo has emerged of DUP MP Sammy Wilson not wearing a face mask on public transport in London.

It appeared on social media on Thursday morning, showing Mr Wilson reading a magazine, as he headed to the airport.

A witness claimed he did not wear a mask for the duration of his tube journey from Westminster to Heathrow.

Mr Wilson said he accepted he "should have been" wearing a face covering and he would "accept whatever consequences there are".

"I have accepted that I wasn't wearing a mask, I should have been," he said.


Wearing a mask on the tube is stifling. But pretty much everyone complies, because we are in the middle of a bloody pandemic. Sammy Wilson is a far right literal moron. He is the classic example a politician who won his seat based on green and orange and nothing else. He did not wear a face covering because he did not want to. Yet another example of law makers thinking that the law does not apply to them.
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