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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,906

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

This is where we are as a country.


If Trump goes...

…One must wonder if Pence and his ilk get their way and get their hands on the power of the Presidency what they would like the punishment to be for those who do not dance to their far-right evangelical tune? Theocracies are scary places for anyone who does not toe the religious right line of choice and I think we can all agree that these dominionists have had a long-term strategy to turn America into a ‘Christian’ State…

Potential Rock and Hard Place Comes to Mind…


Tweet of the week?

Conservatives have a knee-jerk reaction when women are harassed or assaulted: blame the woman! She did something to cause it or it wasn’t really unwanted or perhaps both, amirite?

So Jen Winston turned the tables and replied to Trump with:

After that, the Twitterverse piled on, adding more mockery using the standard conservative themes, in reverse this time, like:

He must have been leading them on without even realizing it.
Was he out late?
A low moral neck line
He wears those long red ties and black suits. He wants it he just doesn't know it yet.
You KNOW he was “just asking for it”
In cases of legitimate presidential harassment the body has ways of shutting things down.



I am feeling rather cross..

Every time I must live through another attempt of Trump gaslighting America I want to punch his huge orange head. He is at it again this morning talking about impeachment crashing the stock market. Well if that is all that happens, I think we can live with it. After all, the reckless behaviour of the buffoons of the supposed land of the free who voted for the wanker in Chief has put our global economy, safety and security at a higher risk than any time since WW2. All our futures are at stake because a bunch of white supremacist types didn’t like to see a black man in the white house and could not countenance a woman ruling over them. We are living through history because of these haters.

A group of right wing, racist, selfish, homophobic, sexist, 1850 living, bring about the end times, white, middle aged, middle class (and no doubt flatulent) miscreants have been allowed to hi-jack the political dialogue. How did anyone think these extremists, with Trump leading the charge, would ever work in the best interests of their nation, or any other nation for that matter? More to the point – AT THIS POINT – how the fuck does anyone still support him? Is power for powers sake so intoxicating that they will RISK EVERYTHING to support this arsehole?

These disruptors that they have elected, these crooks that they worship, these hypocrites who demand fealty to a wanna be demi-God do not love America and they could not give a flying fart about the rest of us.

Impeachment is a start, but unlikely the end. Time to put a stop to this horror story and on this occasion stock market be damned…

Just sayin’

Digital noticeboards in 3,000 primary schools have been beaming pro-government propaganda to kids...

This administration is fucking outrageous. Goebbels would be proud!

Primary Schools.... Little kids being fed this bull shit...
What are they trying to do...

How Nazi

State Sanctioned Murder?

The Independent is reporting on the execution of Robert Sparks who killed his family 22 years ago. The crime sounds horrific, but I cannot help to think that the state sanctioned murder of this man will not do anything to mitigate the death of his family. Obviously, I come from a nation that moved away from the death penalty more than half a century ago.

As a rational outside observer, I cannot help but think the reasoning behind retaining the death penalty is more than somewhat muddled…
Is it to help the victims’ family with the grieving process? Grief is grief. I cannot see that the taking of another life will really offer any comfort at all. Maybe to a few, but not to the majority.
Is to punish the perpetrator of the crime? I am not sure. Dead is dead. Is dead worse than spending your life in a cage? Probably not I would have thought.
Is its purpose to offer a deterrent to violent criminals, to stop them taking a life? If it is it apparently does not work, does it?

So what is the death penalty for?

It rather takes away the possibility of redemption doesn’t it? People talk about and eye for eye, but do we truly want public policy on incarceration and punishment to be dictated by a verse in the bible written 5000 years ago?
It seems to me that the death penalty is all about vengeance. A state sanctioned policy of vengeance. A policy based on anger and emotion, used with a holier than thou sanctimonious smugness to sanction state murder. In my humble opinion that is never a good look for policy decision making, policy, after all, should look to the best impulses in us, not the worst.

Link to article on the Execution https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/robert-sparks-death-sentence-murder-rape-lethal-injection-execution-texas-a9120956.html

We are all in this together!!!!

And they thought their shit didn't stink...
Wading in the shit. The shit keeps getting higher and higher! Wannabee Populist Strongmen being undone by Democracy!!! Yay
Biff. Baff. Uppercut.

Boris Johnson's brutal contempt poisons Commons debate

The prime minister was himself responsible for poisoning the atmosphere with the brutal contempt he showed for opposition MPs, particularly women who criticised his provocative language.

Johnson’s statement was billed as a response to the supreme court’s ruling that he acted unlawfully in seeking to suspend parliament for five weeks. But he dismissed the judgment in a couple of sentences, showing no repentance before devoting the rest of his speech to goading the opposition about their failure to vote for an election.
Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff urged the prime minister to avoid inflammatory language, describing how she had been unable return home on police advice following death threats.

“With many of us in this place subject to death threats and abuse every single day, let me tell the prime minister – they often quote his words. Surrender act. Betrayal. Traitor. And I for one am sick of it. We must moderate our language - and it has to come from the prime minister first. He should be absolutely ashamed of himself,” she said.

Sherriff was close to tears when she was speaking but Johnson was unimpressed.

“I have to say Mr Speaker, I’ve never heard so much humbug in my life,” he said.


We had Parliament on all day and I have to say it was shocking. BoJo behaved disgracefully, but that is no surprise. I was surprised by the Attorney General though. The violence of language and the contempt they showed for Parliament is unforgivable. Even though they lost 11-0 in the SC they are still acting like their shit don't stink. They take us all for fools.

And using Jo Cox... contemptible.

Boris Johnson knows exactly what he’s doing when he talks about Jo Cox and Surrender Bills

But the killing of one of their colleagues – and the conviction of a group of far-right extremists for plotting to murder another of their number, the West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper – has changed, understandably, how MPs respond to death threats. That is particularly acute on the Labour side, for obvious reasons, but the fear and unease is widespread.

Boris Johnson knows this, of course. He spent the summer cultivating Conservative MPs and hearing their concerns, and while those worries are held most strongly by Labour MPs and pro-Remain MPs, the fear that the increasingly virulent tone of British politics will lead to them becoming the target of violence is widespread in all political parties.



A tale of two impeachments

Such a fucking brass neck...

Best Description of Trump EVER

As seen here: [link:https://www.theroot.com/donald-trump-can-t-stand-that-obama-won-a-nobel-peace-p-1838406367|]

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