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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,918

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

TX GOP Ad Suggests Hindus Should Vote Republican Because They Worship Elephants

I realize this is only, like, the fifth most tone-deaf thing the Republican Party has done today, but the Fort Bend County Republican Party in Houston placed this ad in a recent issue of The India Herald, a local publication aimed at Indian Americans, just before the start of a Hindu celebration in Lord Ganesha’s honor.

At the very bottom, after a picture of Ganesha with explanations for his many symbols, there’s a message to readers: “Would you worship a donkey or an elephant? The choice is yours.” An elephant, of course, represents the GOP.

The message is about as insensitive as asking Christians if they want to worship a Guy Who Got Captured or a real hero.


So fucking ignorant


A reminder to those men who can only see their own pain - #MeToo is not actually about you

Introducing Jian Ghomeshi, New York Review of Books contributor. My loss, no doubt, but I had never heard of Ghomeshi until last week, when the literary magazine published his mournful confessional essay Reflections From a Hashtag. But he might yet come to be widely known as an inspiration to opponents of #MeToo.

The piece, dwelling on public disgrace related to recorded sexual misdemeanours, appears a year after the allegations that gave rise to the #MeToo tide of disclosures and as a principal attraction in an issue whose cover line is “The Fall of Men”. Since the magazine’s newly departed editor, Ian Buruma, expressed disquiet about “a general climate of denunciation” brought about, he suggests, by #MeToo, it seems fair to conclude that the magazine indeed intended, under his leadership, to portray the moment when women collectively spoke out about male harassment as yet another misfortune for his long-suffering sex.
From the start, the very proliferation of such reports, protesting any molestation short of rape, simply confirmed to participants in the #MeToo backlash that it’s all hype, hysteria, the work of anti-flirting man-haters. According to this narrative, Buruma’s departure, like the recent stories about Brett Kavanaugh, can only be further evidence of a #MeToo-created “climate of denunciation” (to borrow the former’s elegant synonym for witch-hunt), as opposed to indicating how much more there is yet, after a whole year, to learn.


Of course it is about them.... poor little victims of the feminazi?!?!?!!? abuse women and it is all their fault...

Is religion fair to women?

This article was prompted by something a colleague said a couple of days ago. A woman of devout faith she espoused the opinion that women should dress modestly and not wear makeup etc because in effect all men are brutes and as a religious woman it was her duty to support men not to sin. I am paraphrasing of course, and this is my interpretation of her words, but it seems to me her interpretation of religious text, even in 2018, is that it is all about the man. Although her position was one that I have little patience with there is also recognition that her belief systems are genuine and heartfelt.

Within the Catholic Church, women can’t be priests, are denied access to reproductive healthcare choices and in the past, they were not too worried about burning women at the stake for being a bit bolshy.

In Islam, in theory, men and women are equal. In practice, maybe not so much. Of course, this is because of the seeming inability to separate tradition from faith within some communities. Then using that faith as a figurative hammer to stamp out female disobedience.

In the Church of England women could only become Bishops in 2015 – still waiting for the first female Arch Bishop. Tick tock.
The religious right, the fundamentalists of all the Abrahamic religions, think all women whores, unless they live in exactly the way they approve of.

Undeniably, within the Christian faith the most commonly quoted bible text used to support the ingrained misogyny that is apparent to all is 1 Corinthians 11:3. But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God. This verse, written by Paul, who seems to have had a recognised fear of women, should not support 2 thousand years of the subjugation of women within the church.

Is religion fair to women? I suppose if you are willing to be a help-mate, rather than a leader? If you wish to nod your head, rather than have a voice? If you wish to swap meeting your own needs with making sure the men in your life feel ever so important? If you wish to be labelled as other by men, because that is who they really think you are. If you wish to be seen as full off original sin, blamed for all the ills of man, because that is what they really think. If that rocks your boat, then yes religion is fair to ‘you’. For the rest of us. Not so much.

Women have been kept in their place by religion since time immemorial. Maybe it is time for all us to stand up and refuse to accept traditions and norms of behaviour, cloaked in a veneer of ‘religious righteousness’, and then used as a way to dominate and control an entire gender, as passed its sell by date. Every religion does it. And indeed one can very assuredly say that Religion is not fair to women.

The Imperialist Whine

Psychological power of Brexit: fused superiority and inferiority into a single emotion. Both enormously hard done by and enormously grand.

British sense of disappointment that joining EEC will lead to a new era and resolve all problems - added to previous sense of postwar loss.

Welfare state functioned as a bulwark against self pity. Consolation for decline is the notion that Britain is doing something radical and profound.

Erosion of welfare state from Thatcher onwards, then becomes regarded nostalgically as part of a lost golden age.

Need for a new scapegoat for failure - non white immigrants

Overt racism shifts out of respectability (until recently) after accession to the EEC.

Without parallel? A functioning Western state starts to see itself as fundamentally oppressed.

England now starts to imagine itself not as an empire but as a colony.

Importance of the word “humiliation” - including in today’s headlines. (What happened? Just that May didn’t get her way.)

Robert Harris’s Fatherland written against backdrop of German reunification. NB also Len Deighton’s SSGB.

Harris’s alternative history invokes an alternative Treaty of Rome - Britain forced into a European trading bloc.

While Harris was writing Fatherland in 1990, Nicholas Ridley compared EEC to the Nazis.

Attraction of this kind of self pity is that it allows a fantasy of the emergence of a future heroic English resistance.

EU as oppressor has to be invented by the English to facilitate dark invasion fantasy.

This is a way of dealing with post imperial guilt: we are not responsible for anything because we are being oppressed.


Right Wing Whine - equally tedious and dangerous

Trump lawyer Giuliani says Iran's government will be overthrown

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Saturday said that U.S. sanctions on Iran are leading to economic pain that could lead to a “successful revolution,” contrasting with administration comments that government change in Tehran is not U.S. policy.

“I don’t know when we’re going to overthrow them,” said Giuliani, who spoke in his own capacity though he is a Trump ally, at an Iran Uprising Summit held by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities, which opposes Tehran’s government.


Oh goody...world war 3....

Perpetuating a cycle of sexual violence and they don't care...

If you try and say this is just harmless fun then you are a sexual predator apologist at the very least.
In the 21st Century you should not be allowed to instil your last century bollocks into our young people.... I know that many young people today are too woke to fall for the bullshit. Many, but by no means, all.
If we allow this poison to drip true equality and justice is still decades away

Trump Jr. insults conservative Missouri city to praise his dad; city leaders respond that he's lying

Junior wrote a column claiming, with no evidence or facts to back it up, that before his dad took over, Springfield basically sucked, and his dad’s policies have brought it back from disaster. He writes:

"Not too long ago, Springfield was down and out. Many had lost hope… Thanks to the Trump economy, it's a city that recovered from the brink of collapse, now seeing an economic rebirth that seemed impossible only a few years ago.”

But Springfield city leaders point out that Junior is just lying, according to a front-page news article in the same edition of the newspaper. Check these quotes from the article:

Mayor Ken McClure: "Springfield has never been on the brink of collapse."

City council member Craig Hosmer: “I’ve been on council for five years and I can’t say we ever thought we were on the brink of collapse. He hasn’t really done his homework.”

City council member Tom Prater: “I slept through the part when Springfield was down and out. Springfield was never nearing an economic collapse.”


Junior ended his column:

"Springfield is down and out no longer — let's keep it that way."

City manager Greg Burris took issue with that, too.

"I'm not sure Donald Trump Jr. has ever been to Springfield but I can't remember us being down and out," Burris said.

Great work, Junior, insulting an entire city that supported your dad in the last election by lying about it in such an obvious way that even conservative leaders can’t help but call you out on your dumb dishonesty. Moron.


Keep it up Junior...keep it up

Beto O'Rourke made a reference to The Clash in his debate with Ted Cruz and everyone loved it

Towards the end of last night's debate, O'Rourke found himself as the internet's new favourite Democrat after he dropped a subtle reference to a song by The Clash when criticising Cruz's ties to big corporations.

He said:

I want to make sure that we're are not giving away to corporations or special interests.

That's what Senator Cruz would do thanks to the contributions he's received from those political action committees.

He's working for the clampdown and the corporations and the special interests.

He's not working for the people of Texas.

The song he was referencing was the anti-establishment anthem 'Clampdown' which comes from the punk pioneers seminal 1979 album London's Calling.


The clampdown.....Fucking brilliant. However I am sure half of Texas thinks The Clash is the devils music...

Wouldn't that be novel in the day of Trump?

Gotta say that is one of the starkest graphics of white supremacy I have seen for a while
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