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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,906

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Worst. Theory. Ever.


Trump: Puerto Rican leaders tried to 'blame Trump for everything'

President Trump accused Puerto Rican leaders of attempting to shift the blame onto him for the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and attacked the mayor of San Juan as "incompetent," reviving his feud with island leadership.

In an interview aired Monday morning, Trump defended his administration's handling of recovery efforts in Puerto Rico following last year's storm, suggesting that island leaders blamed him for pre-existing issues.

“It was a total mess, it was corrupt — couldn’t be worse," Trump told Geraldo Rivera in an interview taped Sunday for WTAM, according to The New York Times.

“The storms hit and they said, ‘Oh let’s blame Trump for the electric, let’s have Trump, let’s have Trump fix the electric plant, which takes a long time to rebuild it, which is a big deal," he continued. "Let’s blame Trump for everything.’”


They blame you because it is your fault *rolls eyes*

It's Political Correctness Gone Mad, Gone Mad I Tell Ya!

Male, pale and stale right-wing politicians ranting about the evils of political correctness as if it is somehow a bad thing is so tedious. There is a habit among the right to excuse any identification and condemnation of bigoted behaviour as yet another example of political correctness gone mad. Of course, the ‘accusation’ tends to come from those who have either forgotten, or never noticed, due to their position of privilege, how absolutely rotten the wider community can be to live and work in for everyone else. Any challenge at all to the predominantly male, predominantly white, privilege construct and the cry is immediate. It is political correctness gone mad, they say. Much easier to write off the challenge to their behaviour than to look at the underlying cause of their sexism, or nativism, or racism, or homophobia etc etc

Fundamentally, calling someone PC is just another way the dissemblers try to shut down the conversation. Individuals who are at odds with the bigoted, are often called politically correct by those who resent people who not only disagree with their bigoted stance but who also attempt to put pressure on said bigot to re-examine his or her conduct. Political Correctness exists for a reason and they hate it because it challenges their privilege. Behaviours have the ability to impact in either a positive or negative way, and if we are to stop systematic abuse of privilege then a framework of acceptable non-discriminatory practice is essential. However, let’s face it, political correctness within a formalised construct of institutionalised discrimination is not what generally gets the goat of the bigot, when they sneer that you are just being PC they are pissed because you have called them out personally on their bigotry.

Bigots abound, but very few of them will admit to it. They try to sell the narrative that they are the victim when people refuse to allow then to get away with their bigoted behaviour. They are warriors against a culture of political correctness gone mad. To the bigot having the audacity to call them out is way worse than their actual bigoted behaviours. They absolutely, positively and definitively hate being challenged for their bigotry. We are all witness to the ongoing and fundamentally futile attempt by these bigots to try and prove they are not bigots. Which is impossible, because they are in fact bigots. Was that politically incorrect of me?

The Higher You Build That Wall....

hash tag blue wave

HeHe Hunt the Moron Wizard


Not a witch hunt...a moron wizard hunt

White Supremacy equals Thoughts And Prayers

Good as definition of WS as any IMO

Does America Need A Reformation?

501 years ago, Martin Luther rocked (and ultimately changed) the Christian world when he pinned his 95 articles of faith to the church door, challenging the established church and its position of power at the very heart of Europe. Let’s face it, the established churches did not exactly shower themselves in glory during those years. The cardinals and the bishops sat at the very heart of the Tudor Court and they clung onto that power with everything they had. Time has moved on of course and the power of the church has diminished considerably. Today, in the UK, we are a diverse community where all the world’s great faiths are represented, 42% of the population say they have no faith and over 50% do not identify as Christian. Within that backdrop we still have 26 Bishops sitting in the House of Lords (our secondary, revising, chamber).

Today, literally today, we see a new era of the religious right taking control in America. In the White House a gabble of evangelists, fundamentalists, young earth creationists, dominionists, end of the world wannabees who want to bring about the end times so they can witness the rapture, are all sitting at the heart of power much in the same way the Church did 500 years ago across the pond. One might ask does America need a reformation of its own? They make our 26 Bishops snoozing on the dusty benches of the House of Lords seem really rather tame.

Of course we all live in liberal democracies (for now at least) and within that framework of governance people are free to believe what they hell they want and people are always going to have a set of religious, or non-religious beliefs that are there to impel them to make moral choices, get involved, lobby and get into the public square and try and change their world around them to meet their own moral and ethical frameworks. This is a good. This is what creates communities and societies. The problem comes when people take religion into government and start legislating based on it. Bringing religion together with power is always a recipe for disaster. Looking at the religious zealots now comfortably ensconced in Trumps White House and we maybe need to consider gathering together a disaster relief team in the form a new reformation. Trumps minions personal faith is their business, as long as they keep it personal to them. That would not be a problem. The concern has to be that they are using law to impose their religious thesis on everyone else. We all know that is their plan of action and life in a theocracy is not pretty.

The juxtaposition between the application of faith and politics in the UK and US is rather interesting. The UK does not have a legal construct of separation of church and state, indeed we have a state religion, however in practice policy development is in no way influenced by faith, thanks in great part to the Reformation. Of course, it is the direct opposite in the states, no state church, but as sure as night follows day during Trumps regime, religion will pervade every aspect of policy decision making. A scary thought indeed for anyone who does not think like them.

I’ll say it again. Reformation anyone?

Not JUST a candlestick...

Much more than that!


Not just in the US though - the West is being infected with white male anger....

Windrush generation members to be refused UK citizenship, government announces

Members of the Windrush generation will be refused British citizenship, the government has announced.

In a statement issued late on Friday afternoon, the Home Secretary said a number of Caribbean nationals who came to Britain between 1948 and 1971 would not qualify for citizenship because they failed to meet the “necessary good character requirement” due to committing criminal offences.

Windrush citizens are supposed to be afforded the same rights as British citizens, so the announcement is likely to prompt renewed accusations that they are effectively awarded second-class status.


They are unbelievable, they ARE British Citizens... so if I commit a crime tomorrow the government can take away my citizenship... of course they cannot - so why should it be any different for the Windrush generation? Fucking racists
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