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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,906

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

History will prove them wrong...again

Elizabeth Warren on Trumps obsession with her heritage....

This.....not that ignorant fucker or his racist wanker base will take any notice

Republican Senators Celebrate Old-Fashioned All-American 4th Of July In Moscow

A whole bunch of Republican US senators (and one member of the House) spent Independence Day in Moscow so they could tell Russia that America dearly loves Russia and won't lecture it too much about little things like hacking the 2016 election (or maybe the 2018 one!) or invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea, because after all, isn't peace a beautiful thing? No Democrats went along on the trip, because as Duma member Vyacheslav Nikonov explained, "Since the Democrats actively accuse the Republicans of selling out to the Russians, it would naturally be strange if Democrats here were part of the group."


Zemlya svobodnogo, dom smelogo


Trump Reportedly Gifted Kim Jong Un an Elton John CD Featuring 'Rocket Man'

President Donald Trump is hoping to keep North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un at the negotiating table with the help of Sir Elton John.

Korean news outlet The Chosunilbo reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo brought two items from the president to the dictator upon his visit to North Korea. The first is a letter written by Trump. The other is an Elton John CD, which was autographed by Trump.

The CD reportedly features the song “Rocket Man,” the classic hit that inspired Trump’s nickname for Kim Jong Un in 2017.


On one hand that is kinda of funny - on the other it is fucking rude...

From Brit Land With Love

Pretty much sums him up.... large ignorant arse!! hehehehe

Donald Trump 'banned' from Sheffield, says city's lord mayor

This is why he’s banning the leader of the US from entering his city:
For issuing is ridiculous, racist ‘Muslim ban'
For stupidly withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement
Fore mindlessly moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem
For enforcing the imprisonment of children at borders
For defending the violence and actions of white supremacists


Hehe - blooming marvellous

Anyone got the decoder ring?!?!?! Huzzah!

Man the barricades and get the green tea

Sarah Sanders warns Trump is after Canada: 'We've been very nice to Canada for many years, they've..

..taken advantage’

During the Monday press briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders warned that Canada should gear up for a financial battle with the United States.

“We’ve been very nice to Canada for many years, and they’ve taken advantage of that,” Sanders said. “Particularly taking advantage of our farmers and at the G7.”

She noted that President Donald Trump “proposed that they get rid of all tariffs and drop all barriers and have really great trade and they refused that. And escalating tariffs against the United States does nothing to help Canada.”

Sanders said that the tactic has only hurt American workers.


It takes a certain kind of arsehole to go to war with Canada. Canada does have a backbone though. A nicer strand of the British stiff upper lift, hey!


never a truer word......

In Recent Drug Bust, Indiana Police Seized Ecstasy Pills Shaped Like Donald Trump

It seems that even drug traffickers are cashing in on the sweeping phenomenon that is Trump’s America, as Indiana State Police seized “Trump-shaped ecstasy pills” in a recent massive drug bust, per the Associated Press.


I literally have no words...
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