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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,870

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

How Conservative Trolls Lost Their Mojo

Even though this claim to plausible idiocy persists—complete with a bizarre effort by White House staff to replicate Trump’s spelling mistakes when they tweet on his behalf—something curious has changed among the trolls and Pepes of the world since they first took the national stage. Trump won. And the thicket of fake accounts, bots, and genuine supporters has shifted slightly in response. For one thing, there’s been a slow but definite migration toward more respectable ground. As some Pepe trolls have been banned from Twitter since the election, even the more virulent accounts have largely traded in most of their frog avatars (one of which was declared a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League and semi-banned from Facebook) for American flags.

While there’s still some “own the libs” energy, it feels more beleaguered than fun.
That’s why the same people who got their jollies with nihilist memes—“We have won the meme war,” alt-right activist Jack Posobiec tweeted on Election Day—are now busy, for example, calling ex-CIA director John Brennan a communist and retweeting protests of the Red Hen restaurant that evicted Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Bill Mitchell is paranoid that Twitter is deleting his “likes” and hiding posts from his followers. Where once a raucous and influential segment of the culture couldn’t stop slaying other people’s sacred cows, now they are angry that people aren’t showing enough respect. They’re paranoid and complain about having to “hide” their love of Trump. People who mocked the suffering of children profess outrage at how their entitled millionaire is being treated. Trump himself can’t stop complaining that everything is “very unfair!” This isn’t really the way trolls are supposed to sound; it’s thin-skinned and petulant.



NHS hoping to recover after removal of malignant lump

The National Health Service is hoping it can make a full recovery after having a dangerous lump removed in an emergency operation yesterday.

It had appeared touch-and-go for the UK’s much-loved public organisation for a number of years, but following yesterday’s successful operation it is hoped there could be a brighter future for the much-beloved health care system.

“I already feel so much better in myself knowing that the cancerous fucker is gone,” said the NHS.

“My doctors had told me that the problems were spreading at an alarming rate, and they were seeing symptoms everywhere.


It is very good news for the NHS - and Matt Hancock - although a COMPLETE cock cannot be worse than H*unt.... can he?

You literally could not make this shit up

Why are the judges not standing up and telling this administration to fuck right off until they follow the rule of law?

Reports Are That A DC Bartender Flipped Off Stephen Miller: Millers Response...



Publicly funded private schools in Florida teach that dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark

According to the Orlando Sentinel, around 2,000 schools that “accept, and often depend on” nearly $1 billion in state scholarships, or vouchers, are utilizing pseudo-scientific and pseudo-histiorical lessons in textbooks from Christian publishers. As part of their investigation, the Sentinel asked educators from various Florida colleges and school districts to review teaching materials from these publishers and evaluate their educational veracity.

They found numerous instances of distorted history and science lessons that are outside mainstream academics. The books denounce evolution as untrue, for example, and one shows a cartoon of men and dinosaurs together, telling students the biblical Noah likely brought baby dinosaurs onto his ark. The science books, they added, seem to discourage students from doing experiments or even asking questions.
The review found that social studies books published by the Christian companies diminished the horrors of the slave trade and past genocides against Native America people. One section of a textbook reportedly said that “most black and white southerners had long lived together in harmony” before the civil rights movement and that civil rights leaders who were “power hungry” only “stirred up the people.”


Good grief... keep em dumb, hey?

American Idiot

This really is a thing...

Wanna see a Tall Ship?

On the river Thames today - near Greenwich.... I thought they were pretty cool

The view from where we had our lunch!

Mocking......I think the word is mocking...

Well, laughing as well! hehehe

Identity-Based Politics are Not the Problem, Identity-Based Oppression Is

Although criticizing “identity politics” has become a hobby for some (on both the right and left), appreciating how racial, gender, sexual, and other identities help shape our experiences and perspectives can be critical to productive political discourse.

These identities are not without consequence, after all, nor are their consequences of secondary importance to other, more universal, concerns. They are often central to people’s lives.

Contrary to the claims of libertarians and conservatives, we are not merely “individuals.” Humans have never lived in isolation. None of us were raised on an island by a porpoise. We exist as members of groups, where those groups’ respective statuses have influenced the relationship to opportunity that individuals have enjoyed.

What’s more, it is only because those identities have been given particular meaning by systems of inequality — in short, because of oppression on the basis of those things — that individuals now seek to organize around said identities.


Really good read - IMO only those who have privilege think identity politics is not that interesting within their political ideology

International Law? He don't need no pesky Law!

Can you imagine if they tried? Embassies of allies all over Washington booted out in petulance?
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