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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,132

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Between a Loch and a rusty barrel or two

Swamp Land Ireland stylee...

Stacey Abrams lays out how dire Republican 'attacks on democracy' are during a riveting interview

Abrams told Johnson, "We've got three attacks happening on our democracy. One is anti-voter — so, laws that are trying to make it harder to register to vote, to cast a ballot and to have that ballot counted. Two, we have an attack on election workers. We've seen laws in Iowa, Florida, Georgia, Texas that are criminalizing, adding fines and fees to election workers for technical mistakes that are often caused by obscure, arcane or just poorly worded laws. And then, three, you have subversion of democracy. The laws that we've seen in Georgia, the attempt in Texas to actually give Republicans the authority to overturn election results they don't like. Now, all of those things are happening in various ways across the country — and these are laws that are passing now."
"With the passing of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, the day it takes effect, new laws like that cannot pass," Abrams told Johnson. "They will be subject to what is known as pre-clearance, and they have to get permission before those laws can take effect. The problem is: every law that passed before the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is still the law, meaning they can still do exactly what they want to do. And so, we not only have to stop new bad from happening, we've gotta go back and clean up the old bad — and that's what the For the People Act does. It actually will negate many of the laws that are taking effect right now. And in fact, it will anticipate that other states are going to do bad in between now and the next election…. That's why we need both laws."

Emphasis mine

One of the tow major parties in the US no longer believes in the even limited democracy they were willing to tolerate since the Civil Rights Act. They are full on authoritarian fascists at this point and they need to be stopped.


Strawman Festival 2021 coming to a Republican near you...

Who be woke? We be woke!!! Yay!

But he was doing his best...

A few weeks ago there were suggestions that he kept Hancock on so they could throw him under the £350 mill a week bus during the official enquiry. That would make sense to the fuckers who rule us, never mind the tens of thousands of lives that may have been saved if the Health Secretary was someone with a scintilla of competence.


Who would have thunk it!

I'd probably say a Jo Cox, a Stephen Lawrence, a Windrush scandal is where we're headed...

Samuel Kasumu: 'There are some people in the Government who feel like the right way to win is to pick a fight on the culture war and to exploit division. I worry about that. It seems like people have very short memories, and they've already forgotten Jo Cox.
If I was going to go to William Hill today and place a bet on what the most likely option is, I'd probably say a Jo Cox, a Stephen Lawrence, a Windrush scandal is where we're headed if you don't find a way to overcome this cultural moment. I feel like the Government must be the ones to try to help drive that change.'

The danger they place people in cause of their 'war on 'woke'' bollocks is very real. Jo Cox 5 years dead today because of this game they play for power. RIP

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Where's my pot of gold, dammit!!!

See... Voter Fraud! We told you! Oh. Wait.

Former Republican lawmaker charged with 4 felony counts of voter fraud

Prosecutors announced this Thursday that former Anchorage GOP Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux is facing four felony counts of voter misconduct. Also facing two felony charges former legislative aide, Lisa Simpson, Alaska Public Media reports.

The charges against LeDoux came after state elections officials notified the Alaska State Troopers of what they described as irregularities with absentee ballot applications during her 2018 re-election campaign. The FBI also participated in the investigation.

Simpson’s son has been charged with voter misconduct as well.


Surprise!! Oh my…

But remember it's liberals & the left who are the snowflakes.


The right are furious about:

Taking the knee
Removing statues of slavers
Not singing Rule Britannia
Questioning Britain’s colonial past
Anything done by Harry, Meghan or their new baby
Removing a picture of the Queen

But remember it’s liberals & the left who are the snowflakes.

James OB was good on this on his show this morning. Outrage over people you will never meet making a decision to take down a picture you will never see, in a room that you will never go to is peak culture war bollocks. English nationalism is so tedious.

Also as pointed out by James- do we really live in a country where it is ok for the government to get a say on what is hung on the walls of private spaces. All so very very North Korean!

Capitol Invader Pictured with QAnon Shirt Now Says He Was a 'Victim' of Conspiracy Theories Spawned

by ‘Very Clever People’

According to the attorney for Doug Jensen, Jensen did not travel to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 to partake in a violent insurrection, but merely “to observe what he thought was going to be ‘The Storm,’” described as the culmination of all the far-right conspiracy theories about the election being stolen from Donald Trump.

“Doug Jensen was not an intended part of any group or mob at any time that day,” the motion stated. “He simply went to observe ‘The Storm.’ He was at the front of the crowd, but in no way leading anyone. He was in front of everyone for the now disclosed silly reason to get Q recognized for ‘The Storm’ that was about to take place.”

“Doug Jensen became a victim of numerous conspiracy theories that were being fed to him over the internet by a number of very clever people, who were uniquely equipped with slight, if any, moral or social consciousness,” his attorney wrote. “For reasons he does not even understand today, he became a ‘true believer’ and was convinced he doing a noble service by becoming a digital soldier for ‘Q.’ Maybe it was mid-life crisis, the pandemic, or perhaps the message just seemed to elevate him from his ordinary life to an exalted status with an honorable goal. In any event, he fell victim to this barrage of internet sourced info and came to the Capitol, at the direction of the President of the United States, to demonstrate that he was a ‘true patriot.’”


Heh. Being an ignorant fucker is no excuse in law. I love the fact that the evidence is there that he was indeed at the front of the charge, but somehow he was a passive participant rather than an active one. But it is all Q and Trumps fault as if he had no agency over his own behaviour. Oh my!
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