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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,982

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

A garden without its statue is like a sentence without its verb....

Pictures from the rose garden @ Hampton Court Palace, taken on Sunday at the end of our boat ride down the Thames

You know it is a cult when....


Brainwashed nazi cult...

One of the ways atrocities happen is that the monsters in charge desensitize their followers. They stage small outrage after small outrage until they’re numb. Each step makes the next one easier until it doesn’t seem like a bad thing to tear babies away from their mothers. Next, it won’t be wrong to sterilize them. Then why not euthanize them? They’re not really people anyway. They’re an infestation. Donald Trump said so and the leader is never wrong.


Cultists - the lot of them - which is worrying because deprogramming such a large group of people seems a pretty impossible task

Jim Bakker: Trump was chosen by God to prepare Christians for the End Times

On The Jim Bakker Show this Monday, host Jim Bakker revealed to his audience that God had communicated to him a message about President Trump and why he’s currently in the White House. Long story short: the end is nigh.

According to Bakker’s account of God’s message, the first horse of the Apocalypse has been released on earth — but thanks to Trump’s election, Christians now have some time to prepare.

“Have you ever seen a time when we hate our president like the people do now?” Bakker said before repeating a theme he’s mentioned before.

“Literally half the nation hates the president and would probably kill him if they got a chance.”

God’s message, as relayed by Bakker, says that the world is now living out “Revelation, Chapter 6,” which deals with the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

“This is what He told me,” Bakker claimed. “He said, ‘Donald Trump is a respite in this troubled times and I sent him in grace to give you time to prepare for what’s coming on earth.’”

“God has given us a man who is not afraid to fight,” Bakker continued.


Yeah, the end times that Trump is about to bring about?!?!?!

Greece prime minster tells Britain he wants Parthenon Marbles back

Greece wants the Parthenon Marbles back from the British Museum, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in London on Tuesday, trying to reinvigorate a longstanding campaign for the 2,500-year-old treasures.

British diplomat Lord Elgin removed the sculptures from the Acropolis in Athens in the early 19th century when Greece was under Ottoman rule. They comprise roughly half of the 160-metre-long frieze that was on the Parthenon temple.

Since independence in 1832, Greece has repeatedly requested their return, without success.
Tsipras, who was on his first official visit to London since he was elected in 2015, said the issue is of particular ethical importance for Greeks and he raised the matter when he met his British counterpart Theresa May.


Of course they should go back - they should be reunited with the rest of the marbles in their natural setting - not going to happen though as the UK clings onto the last existing privileges of empire.

Defending tolerance means not tolerating the intolerant - the tolerance paradox

I like this:

Very clever

Far-Right YouTube Stars Plan Takeover of UKIP

Meechan’s tweet ultimately received slightly more than 10,000 retweets. On June 16, Meechan published a video announcing that he was joining the moribund party “as a free-speech warrior” who could bring in younger voters. Meechan declined to comment to The Daily Beast, saying he would only answer questions if they could be livestreamed on his YouTube channel.

Benjamin, a self-described “classical liberal” who’s gained internet fame for his attacks on liberals and feminists under the handle “Sargon of Akkad,” joined in, saying he was joining UKIP as a “Trumpian protest fuck you to everyone.” And Watson, an employee of Alex Jones’ conspiracy website Infowars, claimed that joining UKIP is “the new counter-culture.”

“Take over UKIP for the banter?” Watson tweeted. “How hard can it be?”

UKIP has struggled in the past to keep far-right figures out of the party, responding with a ban on members of the English Defense League, a group of street protesters who oppose “Islamization.” But UKIP leader Gerard Batten called Islam a “death cult” earlier this year, marking a further drift rightward.


And so we herald the long awaited final death knell of UKIP. All the cardies and pearls brigade will head back to the tories and UKIP will consist of a few random wankers from the internet. Happy days.

American furiously tweeting 'Go back home!' from house built on stolen Navajo land

An American is busying himself telling immigrants to go back to their ancestral homes.

Chuck Williams, 51, has his ancestry based in Europe and lives in a house built on land that used to belong to the Native American Navajo tribe until some European-descended-Americans came over and told them it didn’t anymore.

“All these people who didn’t originate here need to pack their shit and get out,” declared Williams, making no effort to pack a suitcase of his own.

“I know the statue of Liberty says some stuff about letting people in but that chick is French, so I don’t trust her.

“This is America, and by saying that, I’ve won the argument. So there.”



Massive crowdfunded blimp of Trump as a big baby to hopefully fly over London when he visits

This has to happen

America is now officially off my list of places to visit for the duration

It is a shame. I love America. We have had family property that we visit regularly for sustained periods of time for over two decades. America is one of my favourite places.


Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Trumps Anti-Muslim Travel Ban I can no longer visit. Not for the duration. You see I have an administrative assistant who is from Iran. She has dual citizenship and she pops back and forth to visit family in Iran on a regular basis. She is lovely but a tad dippy. The only reason she would want to visit the States is to go to Disney World – she in fact has a pair of ridiculous mickey mouse ears head band that she wears on a regular basis – I have tried to explain that is not a great look for a 25 year old – but I am sure she just pities me and my obvious lack of style

As a point of principle, if she CANNOT visit the States, I WILL NOT visit the States. This mini me boycott started the date the original ban was announced so it is not a radical departure from my travel habits over the last year, however I was hoping that SCOTUS would do the right thing. Alas it was not to be. So no visits for the foreseeable.

Messing about on the river

A beautiful day, on Sunday, on a lazy journey down the River Thames:

Of course there were 100's but I thought this selection showed a little bit of everything!
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