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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,948

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

It is who they have always been, they are just not pretending anymore....


The Paranoid Style is so very very Trumpian... the megalomaniac view of oneself as the Elect, wholly good, abominably persecuted, yet assured of ultimate triumph; the attribution of gigantic and demonic powers to the adversary; the refusal to accept the ineluctable limitations and imperfections of human existence, such as transience, dissention, conflict, fallibility whether intellectual or moral. . . systematized misinterpretations, always gross and often grotesque.” Frank Cohen


Prosecutorial animus or favouritism be like… “It is in this realm in which the prosecutor picks some person whom he dislikes or desires to embarrass or selects some group of unpopular persons and then looks for an offense, that the greatest danger of abuse of prosecuting power lies. It is here that law enforcement becomes personal, and the real crime becomes that of being unpopular with the predominant or governing group, being attached to the wrong political views, or being personally obnoxious to or in the way of the prosecutor himself. Robert Jackson


Totalitarian wannabees comparisons with the fascist model of leadership are far too close for comfort... “Hitler lied shamelessly about himself and about his enemies. He convinced millions of men and women that he cared for them deeply when, in fact, he would have willingly sacrificed them all. His murderous ambition, avowed racism, and utter immorality were given the thinnest mask, and yet millions of Germans were drawn to Hitler precisely because he seemed authentic. They screamed, “Sieg Heil” with happiness in their hearts, because they thought they were creating a better world.” Madeleine K. Albright


They hate the rule of law, they despise it because it attempts to limit the worst excesses of their destructive rule...‘’Under the Nazis, law was debased beyond recognition. It became a tool of hatred and viciousness — the very antithesis of everything normally connoted by the notion of law: justice, goodness, fairness, due process, protection of the individual against the excesses of government, even morality.’’ Harry Reicher

The desecration of the rule of law and the destroying of democracy is happening before our very eyes, although for the theocratic wankers that surround Trump and enable him to literally piss all over the constitution, this makes a perverse kind of sense, because a "Christian" nation under "God' would be, literally, a theocratic fascist dictatorship… as they send in BORTAC 'SWAT' (brown shirts) tooled up thugs to democratic cities across the nation, in yet another intimidatory salvo, this is who they have always been, they are just not pretending anymore….

2500 years later and we still haven't cracked it...

Presupposing the idea that the majority of the poor would not gift that power to the rich because of distortions of truth and power... heh

White privilege writ large...


'White privilege is a manipulative, suffocating blanket of power that envelopes everything we know, like a snowy day' - Reni Eddo-Lodge

Rachel Maddow: The thing that rattles my molars the most

One last piece of this that I think is worth underscoring, cause this is this the thing that rattles my molars the most out of the revelations from this crisis today and it is from The New York Times, it’s about Barr’s installing of this team of overseers in d.c. for sensitive cases that relate to the president. Over the past two weeks, the outside prosecutors have begun grilling line prosecutors in the Washington office about various cases — some public, some not — including investigative steps, prosecutorial actions and why they took them, according to the people. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive internal deliberations … And how do we get our legal system back when these guys are done with it? How do we get those cases back if they’re improperly touched?

How can democracy exist when the executive actively seeks to destroy the fundamentals of the rule of law. November cannot come soon enough...

We don't need no economic checks and balances...


And men like this...

Laurie Penny - Is Patriarchy Too Big to Fail?

It is true you know. They are gaslighting the whole of our nations. But they are really paying particular attention to women and POC. They want to go back to a time when we were forced to comply, through violence and law, as they stole our agency. The lens that we force them to look through must be very uncomfortable in those rare moments of truth when they acknowledge what and who they are.

They are not decent and they are not innocent and we cannot allow them to steal our agency in 2020 the way they tried (and succeeded too often) for first and second wave.

They can fuck right off. Biff. Baff. Uppercut.

A very dinky art deco valentine

My gift today from my SO. A tiny 1930's perfume bottle with its own dinky funnel. Could it be any cuter?

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

Pretty much all of this...

You know how the right wing is constantly having 'socialism' vapours?

The horrendous and quite frankly ludicrous attacks on what is seen as ‘liberal’ in the States are just good manners, reasonable behaviour towards your neighbours, and support for human rights for everyone, elsewhere in the west...

Socialism my arse...

These liars have perpetrated one of the most harmful con jobs in the last 50 years, on those that need help the most, with their rhetoric and fear mongering…

Just sayin' because 'We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men' George Orwell

Breaking: Chancellor has quit

This is huge. Apparently he was told he could stay but he had to sack all his advisers. (that has to be cummings) Javid told Boris to sling his hook... bloody hell.

Control freaks being control freaks. Cummings is too big for his far right boots and I am for one delighted that Javid was not going to put up with that level of control from a non elected arsehole - putting his spies in number 11 - just guessing of course but it makes sense. Wonder how Boris is going to take this???? Hehe

Shit is getting real.
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