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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,897

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

I have a new idea for the UK within the EU

How about we have a referendum to exclude England from the UK? After all the English nationalist nasty think they can speak for us. The Celts need to take control. Kick the fascists out of the Union. They can have their no deal Brexit and we get to still be a union and in the EU. Huzzah

....holding his tantrum breath until Kentucky turned blue...

This Day in 2012


6 November 2012. Democrat Barack Obama was re-elected as US President, defeating Republican candidate Mitt Romney.


The Trump Infallibility Doctrine: The president cannot fail--he can only be failed.

In keeping with American historical tradition, the boundaries of this true nation within a false nation lie along predictable racial, religious, and cultural lines. Under Trumpism, only white, conservative Christians can confer legitimacy on a government or a president. Those who are not members of that nation, or who have not purchased honorary membership through slavish hyperbole, have no right to question its legitimacy. And paradoxically, any Trumpist who substantively questions the president is branded a Never Trumper, and exiled from the true nation. Trumpists have moral obligations only to one another, the rest of the country—the rest of the world—be damned.

Those searching for the red line Trump can cross that will magically turn the Republican Party against him will be disappointed. As long as Trump maintains the support of the people the GOP has concluded are the only Americans who matter, they will sustain him, no matter how many crimes he commits, no matter how much of his corruption is exposed, and no matter how many catastrophes he arbitrarily creates overseas. This is the logic of Trumpist nationalism: permanent minority rule by those who have decided that they are the only real Americans.


Heh. If they burn with him who gives a shit. When the political realignment happens they will be out of power for a decade and hopefully justice will come knocking on their racist wanker doors.

They are simply a moral and ethical black hole...

Exactly this, the ballot box will judge them, as will history...

The Juxtaposition Between Trump and Stupid be like...

What a gift of stupidity..

Oh My! Let's not forget UmbrellaGate...


Okay sure but one time Barack Obama asked a marine to hold an umbrella for him

How he was not impeached is beyond me...
However oh for the days when this was the nonsense that they spewed because there were no fucking scandals. Not one. Now of course a scandal a day is not an exaggeration.

And that was just day one...

Good grief. Can we really put up with six weeks of this.. The Tories are so toxic...

Released a doctored video of Kier Starmer making it look like he did not know the answer to a question when he did. Fake fucking news 101

Suppressed a report on Russian interference in the 2016 Referendum, because of course they did, and Cummings will have his malevolent spirit all over it. Never mind let voters have the actual facts before going to the ballot box.

Abandoned promise to give vote on Transition period, because they had their fingers crossed behind their backs all the time, honest guv.

It comes out that the 2015 Manifesto Pledge to build 200,000 homes has delivered zero. You know why, ‘cause Brexit has sucked the oxygen out of everything.

Rees Mogg insults the Grenfell Tower dead by claiming they lacked common sense in not just leaving a burning tower block.

Bridgen by way of apology says that those victims lacked Rees-Mogg’s intelligence. Bridgen is a nazi simpleton who would not know IQ if it jumped up and bit him on his stubby little arse.

Cleverly was ‘empty chaired’ on Sky News after refusing to go on, despite being in the studio, because of giving a car crash interview on GMTV. But we all know Cleverly is not very Clever!!!! Only soft ball questions need apply.

DWP was forced to withdraw ads on universal credit which lied to the electorate (on the taxpayers dime)

In one way all this is entertaining, watching how appalling they are being but this is only day one people… thank goodness our elections do not last as long as in the US -we would all be bonkers by the end of it!

If I was a repub still sticking with Trump this thread would scare me, bigly...


Full thread:

Shit and fan as Toxic Trump continues his insanity and daily risks the senate and the WH next year, I think Congress will see his enablers becoming more co-operative...

Mitch McConnell must be shitting his shell!

Moscow Mitch looking for a new home next year?
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