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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,929

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Republican Openly Endorses Assassination and Sedition in the Name of Jesus

If you haven't heard about this yet, it's amazing that this story isn't front page news across the country and testament to how coddled Republicans are by the media in this country:

State Rep. Matt Shea of Spokane Valley in conservative eastern Washington has been under fire since he acknowledged in a Facebook video last week that he had distributed the four-page document titled, "Biblical Basis for War" to some of his supporters.

The document condemns abortion and same-sex marriage and describes how those who don't follow biblical law should be punished. At one point, the document says, "If they do not yield, kill all males."

Amazingly, it's actually worse than that. In this blueprint for a violent theocracy, there's an entire section about how good Christian soldiers should respond to "tyranny." It involves assassination, sedition, and civil war.
The worst part about this is the fact that Shea has not been forced to immediately resign. Never mind the whole "Imagine a Democrat had been caught advocating terrorism" spiel; just think about what it says about the Republican Party that one of their own is outed as a violent jihadist, yes I'm using that word quite deliberately, and they collectively shrug. That should tell you how acceptable this kind of extremism is in the GOP. It's not an outlier at all. That's how far off the deep end they've gone.


American Taliban - alive, well and more concerning than ever....

What bunkum I cried. What gobbledygook they proclaimed.

As one dashed out the door, an absolutely spiffing idea occurred to me. On returning to my abode one made haste to the parlour and with great exuberance and in a parlance that I determined would surely galvanise my audience, I imparted my idea. Oh my! One failed to consider the xanthippe and the mammothrept. One must also bear in mind that a beastly ragamuffin had seemingly apported from nowhere and the scurrilous chap was simply brutish. Now I consider myself a rather good egg and was a tad flummoxed, by jove, at the reaction of the termagent and the babalevante. They were blithering idiots to claim my stupendous idea was balderdash. What bunkum I cried! What gobbledygook they proclaimed!

I must confess that at this point I got rather rambunctious. The jaunt must be planned. I was absolutely smitten with the idea. It was marvellous! Super! But the detractors to whom I spoke called it superfluous, claimed I was a flibbertigibbet. Well this old bean started to caterwaul. The jaunt was to meet a rather dapper old chap who was generally a jolly good show, I was confounded that they would try and deny me.

Pip pip

Valid Point


On incels, murderous misogyny and the far right.


And This:

While men might not to legally own us in the same way they once did, for some this is just a mere inconvenience to them....


'Master Race' My Arse

Anti-Nazi observation for the day: Inevitably, people who think of themselves as members of the "master race" look like this and are fooling no one.


Exactly this...

Alan Turing could be the new face of the 50 pound note

Gay codebreaker Alan Turing is one of the frontrunners to become the official face of the £50 note.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney on Friday announced a public contest to find a figure from the world of science to replace inventor James Watt on the redesigned bank note.


This would be cool - although I think it will probably go to Hawking

Heh. Good Point Well Made.

Anti Fascism Just Lost A Giant

Anti-fascism lost a giant today:
Max Levitas, who has died at 103.
Max was fined £10 in 1934, aged 19, for painting anti-Blackshirt graffiti on Nelson’s column when Mosley’s thugs rallied.
In 1936, he was a message runner at the battle of Cable Street.


His words:

I viscerally hate your President

I mean it. Pure hate. I cannot do anything about it cause I don't have a vote. The only thing I can do at the moment is boycott America. Which means for my Autumn break I cannot head to our place in the sunshine state, I have to head to Bermuda instead. Not a bad plan, but our second home should not be out of bounds cause MAGA. I cannot bring myself to give a penny of my hard earned money to the Trump dynasty.

Do me and the rest of the world a favour...

Just sayin'

Wisconsin conservative admits he'd shoot his sister in the face for Trump: 'She has to know how....

....passionate I am’

A Wisconsin conservative admits he would turn against his own family to back President Donald Trump if the United States slid into civil war.
Steve Spaeth, a 40-year-old West Bend man who operates a home exteriors company, told the reporter during the Oct. 24 rally in Mosinee that “hate” was not too strong a word to describe his feelings toward anyone he considers a political enemy.
The reporter asked Spaeth how far he would be willing to take his hatred, and he told Pilkington he would gladly — and violently — turn on his sister, a liberal who votes Democratic.

“If there is a civil war in this country and you were on the wrong side,” Spaeth said he told his sister, “I would have no problem shooting you in the face.”

The reporter asked if he was joking, and Spaeth insisted he was serious.

“No, I am not,” he said. “I love my sister, we get on great. But she has to know how passionate I am about our president.”


Good grief....the cult of Trump at its starkist.
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