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The Day Trump Leaves Office...

We need to see this:

And do this:

Hair Furor Lashes Out At "Leakin' James Comey"

The Hill reports:

President Trump lashed out at James Comey early Sunday, accusing the former FBI director of lying during his testimony to House lawmakers about the investigation into Russian election interference.

Comey testified last week before the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees behind closed doors. The panels later released a transcript of the roughly six-hour meeting.

The transcript revealed that Comey told lawmakers that the counterintelligence investigation into possible conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign began by examining four Americans, whom he did not identify, citing the potential they are part of an ongoing investigation.


He is shitting himself! LOL

Portrait in Paint

Where does freedom of speech stop and democracy start?

Should freedom of speech include flat out lies? And if it does then how can that support a democratic process? The entirety of the Trump campaign was based on a series of bigger and bigger lies to get the campaign to a ‘win’, and while one expects exaggeration and half-truths from politicians, should not everything over and above this be challenged for undermining the democratic process? In 2010 a politician in the UK got severely spanked and barred from sitting as an MP because of his flagrant disregard of our electoral rules on lying to voters. As part of his campaign for re-election he more than implied that his nearest opponent was pro-Islamist. He scraped a win by the nearest of margins by hooking into the ‘angry white man vote’. It was not worth it – the fall from grace was profound. Although many commenting on the case thought that all is fair in political electioneering the High Court disagreed and in part said:

Among them were two High Court judges: Mr Justice Griffith Williams and Mr Justice Teare. Delivering a historic ruling in the Saddleworth Civic Hall, they found Woolas “guilty of an illegal practice,” for contravening section 106 of the RPA. “To say that a person has sought the electoral support of persons who advocate extreme violence, clearly attacks his personal character or conduct,” they said. “It suggests that he is willing to condone threats of violence in pursuit of personal advantage.”
The consequences, the judges made immediately clear, were serious. “Allegations of an illegal practice in elections,” they wrote in their full judgement, “have what are in effect penal consequences.” As such, the May election Woolas won by 103 votes was declared void, and he was barred from the House of Commons and any elective office for three years.


We all know that politicians lie all the time. They lie about their positions, the economy, the climate, how often they fart, ad infinitum. They tell us what we want to hear to get us to vote for them, it has ever been thus. But there is a difference between lying about their policy position and lying about the person standing against them. Freedom of speech should not give a politician the right to make up any old crap, any old time as a way to secure victory. Surely that flies in the face of democracy? Misrepresenting your position may well get you elected. Maliciously misrepresenting your opposition should get your fired. Lying to win surely undermines democracy? Freedom of speech should not mean the freedom to undermine the democratic process. The poison of Faux News anyone?

The chaps that draw the line define the narrative


Which Heaven and Hell Exists?

For most religious people, belief in heaven and hell is a matter of faith. Faith by definition is a belief in something where there is an absence of evidence to prove its existence.

Mathew chapter 25 reveals how the Son of Man will come in all his glory, surrounded by the holy angels and will divide the nations of the world as a shepherd divides his sheep from his goats. The sheep will go to heaven; the goats are destined for hell, described in the Bible as a place of everlasting fire and eternal punishment, designed by God for Satan and his demons.

Some people of faith would argue that both Heaven and Hell are a physical place. Hell is a place of Torment. Heaven is a place of Love and Peace. That as there is evil in this world, not having a place where a loving and just God could punish that evil would be impossible.

Many people, across faith structures, fervently believe in heaven as a real place, but differing belief structures leads to the exclusion of other faiths accessing their heaven in most circumstances. So do different heavens and hells exist for different faiths? Or is only one heaven available and if you do not follow the tenants of that faith you are excluding yourself from heaven, and ergo condemning yourself to hell, for all eternity? Does that not seem a bit harsh??

Hawkings has said that death is the same as a breakdown of a computer when the components fail. If that is the case, perhaps the best heaven we can hope for is akin to a trip to the recycling centre??

There is a clear difference between the Islamic and Judeo-Christian views of heaven and hell. Heaven for Muslims seems a rather opulent affair. The Koran is very descriptive and goes into a lot of detail, with regards to age, beards, maidens and virgins and every man will have 2 wives! Rivers of wine, rivers or milk, rivers of honey. Women are compared to gem stones. It is a very paternalistic view of heaven. Hell is also rather different. Muslims do not believe that hell is a place of eternal damnation, of fire or brimstones. Rather it is a place where you do penance before moving onto a place of final abode.

Heaven from a Judeo – Christian standpoint it somewhat different. With a belief structure centred on a moral god, there is a fundamental tenant of faith that God will judge us. Scriptures talk about spending eternity with God, being in the presence of God, that if you make it to Heaven you will make it to a place where the old order of things has passed away. No more tears, sorrow or death. A new Heaven and a new Earth. Condemned for eternity into the lake of fire if you do not get through the Pearly Gates, there is no redemption in the after life if you got it wrong in this life.

So who’s Heaven and Hell is the right Heaven and Hell? What if you get it wrong? What do you do then?

White, straight man pretty happy sexism, homophobia and racism all sorted out now

A white, straight man has announced that he is satisfied that homophobia, racism and sexism are now all sorted out and we don’t need to worry about any of that anymore.

Simon Williams, an IT consultant from Chipping Norton, made the announcement at a local pub as he ordered a pint of real ale.

“Let’s be honest,” he began, promisingly.

“Trendy right-on people go on about homophobia and sexism and racism, and giving more rights to gays, black people and girls.

“But what they’ve got to realise is that we’ve sorted all that now, in the real world everyone treats black people, women and gays as if they were normal.

“In my company, you be sacked for calling someone the n-word, and rightly so. If that’s not proof there is no longer a racism issue in this country, then I don’t know how I can help you.

Mr Williams went on to explain that he was fine with women and even homosexuals in the workplace.

“We’ve got Mrs Stewart who’s in charge of HR. Now, she must have got that job on merit because you’ve only to look at her to know it wasn’t for her looks.

“Also, there’s Toby, he’s one of the coders. He’s a bender and no one’s got any sort of problem with that.

“I mean, obviously you don’t want to spend too much time talking to him on your own in case he gets the wrong idea, but in a group, he’s fine. A good laugh actually.

“It’s not the 1970s any more people. It’s sorted now, we don’t need you all banging on about more rights for women, blacks, or homosexuals.”

Mr Williams was clear about what society should be focusing on.

He went on, “Thing is, we’ve spent ages focusing on rights for all of that lot and we haven’t really thought about rights for normal blokes like me.

“I haven’t had any new rights for ages.”


Well that is alright then we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief!
Satire is always at its best when you really cannot tell the difference!

The Drumpf Who Stole Democracy

You’re a liar,

Mr. Drumpf!

Your tongue is forked and split:

Every time you move your jaw,

You leave us all in awe -

At the sheer amount of baloney you emit!

You’re a con-man,

Mr Drumpt!

And con’s not short for condiment:

You’d think one time or two,

You would say something that’s true -

Even by some freakish accident!

You’re a scumbag,

Mr. Drumpf!

You’re a nasty piece of work:

The portrait you create

Is smeared with fear and hate -

You’re an all-around, bona fide total jerk!


Hehe -more at the link

The future is not bright.....

SNL: How the Trump presidency would go if Trump was black

'bout right I reckon
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