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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 7,481

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Brexiter having public meltdown over inconvenience of wearing a mask to the supermarket confident...

...will cope perfectly with ‘No Deal Brexit’

“It’s like living in communist China. Making people wear a mask is literally the worst possible thing that can happen when you’re trying to do your shopping.

“It’s so inconvenient. You have to put it around your ears, then fiddle with it a bit to get it comfortable. God help you if you wear glasses as they will keep steaming up. The people making these rules clearly just want to ruin our lives completely.

However, Williams is also of the opinion that any inconvenience caused by disruption to transport, food supply chains or medical supplies cause by a no-deal Brexit will be easy to deal with, because of the ‘Blitz spirit’.

“If we can cope with Johnny Foreigner dropping bombs on us, then we can cope with a few supply issues a few empty shelves. With the great stiff upper lip we can handle anything.

“Obviously I’ve not experienced either, because I was born thirty years after the war ended and my entire adult life has been spend in the EU, but I know I’ll be able to cope because of how well I’m dealing with the minor inconvenience of having to wear a mask in the supermarket.

“Checkmate liberals!”

Emphasis mine

I know this is satire - BUT, ALL OF THIS.
And now we are told we have to wear masks if we live in England in shops right wing Brexiteer heads are going to explode across the land and the Tories are about to find out what it feels like to have to take responsibility for something that is going to very unpopular with their basest base. After all they have been blaming the EU for everything for the last 50 years and they cannot do that with post Brexit decisions, and as they repeatedly fuck up on Covid-19, and a no deal Brexit is pretty much certain, I cannot help but feel it is only a matter time before the worms turn.

Personally I have been wearing a mask in indoor spaces since the start of the pandemic because OBVS I am a pansy liberal 👀

This says everything anyone needs to know about the awfulness of President Death


Brief video clip from the president’s golf outing. The course is the only place he gets to drive himself. Secret Service positioned nearby. The caddie holding on in back.

Firstly - golfing on both Saturday and Sunday as a pandemic is literally ravaging the US.

Secondly - risking the health and safety of his employee for his own selfish pleasure - even as there is space in the cart - and that is the whole point - his comfort and privilege needs to be rammed down the throat of the 'common' man because he is the common and crass one really.

Thirdly - the analogy of America as that caddy... clinging on for dear life as Trump careers towards yet another assault on both the physical and mental well being of America is just too uncanny.


If only they could admit it...

The basest of base can never admit it. Nothing more ridiculous than seeing grown arsed people trying to obfuscate cause the fucker in chief has no clothes. But racist fuckers...

The republicans have always dreamed of a one party state

This dream may be well on course to becoming a near reality in November if the multiple polls are to be believed. Of course, sucks to be them, as they finally scramble to distance themselves from President Covid, it is far too little far too late, for anyone but the basest of their base. As they fear getting wiped out politically for a generation, up ticket and down, it looks like their dreams may well come true – and for all of their nefarious undemocratic systemic suppression of the voice of the people – a near one party state may be bordering on reality – only not with them in the driving seat! And they only have themselves to blame for supporting a nasty wanker like Trump in the first place, and then wilfully ignoring his utter incompetence, treason, and the dismantling of democratic norms. Chickens coming home to roost and all that. #GOTV.

The news isn't that President Horrid deigned to wear a mask...

Of course he should be wearing a mask while visiting a hospital. But knowing him it was either forced upon him cause of the optics of NOT wearing one in a medical setting, or he was freaking out about catching germs...it was certainly not about protecting the sick and vulnerable soldiers from any germs he might be carrying - after all he does not care about American soldiers dying in any other context, does he? The most troubling thing about the visit to wounded soldiers is that he is unable to recognise how fucked up that would look when he is allowing his Russian Mob Boss to kill at will. His inability to think and act in a reasonable way is all part of his psychopathy.

After all America did vote in a twofer...

Graphic mine

And that is before we get into narcissistic personality disorder...It was never going to end well, indeed.

Please wear a mask to save THEIR lives...


If 2020 was an Ice Cream Truck

LOL. The scary thing is not that this year is as shit as a plate full of liver and onions, but that we are run by wankers who would defend their right to give us liver and onions instead of ice cream, and would then insist that the truck is actually serving ice cream, that it has never served liver and onions, then say they may have served us liver and onion but that is because it is for our own good, and that liver and onion tastes so much better than ice cream anyway... then they would repeat the core messages enough times that the base now enjoy liver and onions more than ice-cream because the fuckers they voted for told them so...

So very very 2020. But we know that ice cream tastes better than liver and onions however much they try to gaslight us. And if we take this analogy to the very end degree Joe Biden is a democracy flavoured ice cream. Ice cream for all November 2020!!!!

After all:


Another example of Covid-19 refusing to enter the right wing anti-mask culture war...


Covid does not care, so all of us have to. I don't want any more people to die from Covid-19. I hate that people have been gaslit into embracing death from this horrid virus because Trump is a wicked wicked man. This anti face coverings crowd are going to see more of their number dwindle. They refuse to believe the hype... Then just like this young man, they are at a higher risk of death. It makes sense, after all if you are exposing yourself to a higher viral load than those that wear masks, surely you are going to get a more vicious infection. That is why we saw so many healthcare workers die - it is not just that they were exposed to the virus, but that they were exposed over and over, making their infections much more serious. Do you think they will ever get it?

He can try and kick the shit out of law and order as much as he wants ...BUT

It is always darkest just before the dawn and every day as they get more desperate and they accelerate their far right coup against democracy, the more transparent their nasty becomes and ergo the less votes they will get from independents - they are in a vicious downward spiral of destruction - and in November 2020 I cannot see how they do not get trounced at the polls. And at that point - all of them need to have the law books they have ignored and tried to destroy thrown at them. Biff. Baff. Uppercut. Boom.

Or as I like to call it, gaslighting away democracy

This is exactly what Trump has tried and failed, to date, to do. Of course, there are a couple of things which have stalled his king like status, firstly, they really are an incompetent bunch of wankers – and showed their hand with things like troops on the streets, firing at peaceful protesters. Secondly, it seems like SCOTUS does still like the constitution and having been told by them he is not above the law has shown the emperor that he really does not have any clothes! Thankfully, he has not had the time to reinforce the endogroup sufficiently to turn his presidency into a dictatorship endoreality before November. We are witness to him trying to divide to conquer into the right wing devout and the left wing blasphemous, but this is having limited impact in the time of Covid-19 and BLM. At this point it is difficult to conceive that Trump will be re-elected in November, but if he does the negative endo-ideal (or as I like to call it, gaslighting away democracy) will be a very real thing indeed. Trump his backers and enablers will do everything in their power, legal, illegal, and treasonous to try and win the election, by foul means over fair. Voter suppression, delegitimising the result, divide and conquer, Russia, probably China and loads more will be used so Emperor Trump can continue to claim to the world that he actually does have clothes, all the while taking the opportunity to define democracy in the negative.

This is why he needs to be defeated by such a big number that the whole gaslighting of democracy gets nuked for many generations to come.
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