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Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,059

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Karma is a beeyatch

How on earth are they going to afford their hats alongside their mayonnaise sandwiches?? Tis a conundrum

This is oh so wrong, but at the same time, oh oh oh so right

Childish I know - but at the same time

Of COURSE it is Obama's FAULT....

...'rolls eyes'

DO you think he realises how fucked he is?

Trump, his team and Russian collusion...

....all in one tweet

So self explanatory

He can courtesy to the Saudi King but not bow to the English Queen?

He tried to strongman the Queen
Kept her waiting
Refused to bow
Walked in front of her in a serious breach of protocol

Guarantee he did not try and pull that shit with Kim
He certainly gave that really odd half bow half courtesy to the Saudis
Pretty sure he will be on time for Putin

He is a insecure little fucker who tried to make himself feel good by trying to treat a 92 year old lady as somehow less than him. She is the QUEEN for fucks sake

What a complete and utter wanker

Just watching channel 4 news

Farage is a quisling
A complete and utter fucking quisling

Trump is the 12th President to meet the Queen

They come they go, the Queen meets them all.
He is but a Blimp on the arse of longevity of democracy (here's hoping)

You're Welcome!


Like 2 peas in a fucking pod. Bigly depressing.

Heh. I see your right wing and raise you.... wankers the lot of them

Proud to be an American?

Sums up the situation rather neatly, I think?
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