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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
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Remember, 45 told you he wasn't going to tell us what he was doing with the military. Truth!

He said he wasn't going to be like Obama and say what he was doing about ISIL or anything else. Well, it looks like that included not telling the Congress also. Is this an abuse of power? An illegal act of war?

I want to know how and when did 45 contact the three other families of the soldiers killed in Niger?

Did he call them before he called ms. Johnson? Did he wait until all the bodies were returned and than contact all four families about the same time? Did the military tell the other families what happened? Were the other families actually called or did they receive letters?

The most troubling part of the ABC interview with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson

Is the part where she said she was not allowed to see her husband's body. WTF How can you keep a widow from viewing her husband's body. She said it could be an empty box for all she knows, and she is correct. This is stunning to me.

heard in church today how Christians are being persecuted all over the ME and Africa.

Gaddafi neve persecuted Christians. Saddam never persecuted Christians, in fact his ambassador to the UN was a Christian who was executed after our invasion and by the folks we supported. Police were not amused in Egypt under the rule of the elected government by the people in an election that every monitor said was legitimate (probably more legitimate than our own.). I think the biggest mistake of Obama's tenure was Libya. I never heard of Christians being persecuted in Nigeria until recently.


Depressing times.

45 wants to release JFK tapes because he knows it will be a great diversion from Russia-gate.

Just watching CNN's program on Louisiana's "Cancer Alley."

This is just simply another example of environmental and economic discrimination. These toxic companies are always located in minority and poor areas.

Chad: Why Us??? Consequences of 45's travel ban.


"Matthew Page, who was the State Department’s expert in the region until last year, said that the travel ban for Chad seemed to be “a knee-jerk move, rather than a carefully considered decision.”

"Experts said there were many steps Chad could take in response that would have a negative impact on the United States, including reducing security protection for employees of the large American embassy. Also at stake are oil exploration plans from companies like Exxon Mobil...."

Another thing to let sink in. No justice, no peace.


Let this sink in: the consequences of the Iraqi war.

And to those who say we should not have left, remember they didn't want us there and no SOF would have been deadly for US military. The Iraqi government has now turned on the Kurdish fighters who played the most significant role in chasing ISIS out of Iraq.


You will probably not hear much about this until ISIS returns.

They (Trumpians including those in Congress) are going to keep voting for him because

to do otherwise would mean they would have to confess to making a huge mistake and hateful people never confess to making mistakes, never.
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