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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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I will say it because everyone else seems to be dancing around trying to figure out why GOPers

do not like Flake, McCain, Crocker and a few others who do not suck up to Trump.

It's because the ones who do not speak up feel and believe exactly as Trump portrays himself to be: rank RACIST and Misogyny.

For the firm 30%, it's not about jobs, taxes, trade, patriotism, security, religion, or anything else. Look at the people they hate:
They hate the Clintons with a passion. Why. We remember how Bill Clinton spent his days as governor in Ark. and how he and Hillary came into Washington. They came with purpose to make government look more like America. They came befriending and defending the poor and minorities, especially blacks. Look at the appointments and Federal hires made during Clinton's terms. Hillary was spending too much time defending the children of the poor and minorities and working for women's rights.

Next in line for their hate are those who show some decency, dignity, intelligence, compassion and tolerance. They cloak their true feelings in terms of political differences when they are actually all about being able to undo ALL the Civil Rights progress that was made over the past 50 years.

I started using the "an apple is an apple..." meme is all my FB posts about 45 and his supporters.

It was a big hit because so many asked me what I meant. I explain that it was a CNN ad that addresses several things including the mental derangement of 45 supporters who believe anything and who call the truth "fake news."

Many were surprised because they didn't really get the meaning so i encouraged them to pass it on and explain it to their own friends.

I found out that two of my FB friends were 45 supporters. They had seen the ad but didn't get it. One said it was stupid. The other said it still made no sense. But they now have to think about the message every time they hear some FOX noise.

I think CNN hit a master stroke with that ad and I intend to use it whenever I can in response to Trumpsters. It's a good way to make some of them watch CNN and pull away from FOX long enough to look for the ad. Whenever a few of my RW associates ask what the hell is that apple ad, I tell them to watch CNN to find out.

The GOP is going after Hillary again. Mueller must be really closing in.

The GOP is ALL about tax cuts for the wealthy so that they can cripple the social safety net for the

poor, aged, minorities, and women and children.

That's it in a nutshell. They have already sold their wretched souls. Russia could walk down Pennsylvania Ave with tanks and it wouldn't matter. As long as stocks are up and wages are down and their taxes go down. they are happy.

Anybody else having problems with the audio on CNN?

Why we take a knee: This is unbelievable


White teen pulls BB gun on cop and pulls trigger. See what happens.

So the GOP is going back after the roundly debunked allegations about HRC giving away 20% of US

uranium stock to Russia in return for contributions to the Clinton Foundation?
Nunez latest attempt to divert attention from the Trump-Russian investigation. Nunes is still smarting from his exposure as a lying GOP Clinton hating hack.


Original Snopes was updated by the recent Hill story on investigations of the Russian parties involved. Basically, the charges against HRC were proven FALSE.

OK GP Congress: I am willing to GIVE UP my so-called "tax cut" just to get this MF out of office!

Understand this, when you give this fool in the WH any bit of legislation he says he wants you are enabling him to stay in office because his base is just looking for him to do what he promised.

The GOP spent 8 years not supporting or cooperating with President Obama but he was smart enough to work around that and get a reasonable portion of his agenda through...though a lot had to be done be Executive Order that Congress never approved. What goes around, comes around. Obstruction of the 45 agenda is an act of national security so keep that in mind. Blocking his agenda will make it easier to


I loved Larry O'Donnell before. But after tonight's program I have increased respect for him and

the kind of man he is and the kind of family from which he came. Kudos to his dad for winning the most rare case against a policeman for killing an unarmed black man years ago.

No wonder Larry is such a decent guy. He had a great role model.

Damn!!! just listen to Eric Holder and then think about the last time you heard Sessions speak.

It's like two different worlds. How did someone so ill-prepared and bigoted as Sessions even get to be a Senator?
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