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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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You do realize that some have a vested and face-saving interest in mitigating Russia's influence on

the 2016 election. They would have you believe that HRC was the most "flawed" candidate ever. This removes them little by little from their own devastating complicity in the outcome of 2016 election and the cluster-fuck we are faced with right now.

It's heartbreaking to see and understand what is happening before our very eyes and ears to and within the Democratic Party.
And I am sorry, but loyalty to the party for Democrats is the same as loyalty to the nation. For the GOP, it's not the same because the people in charge have said as much. They want to destroy the government and its institutions and divide us from each other so we will not be STRONGER TOGETHER.

Damage done and now it looks like it will take at least another decade to undo it because some have untimely decided to help our demise along just when events were setting the stage for a crucial comeback. And it is much easier to dismantle than to build up.

What i say about the "coffee boy" tag the Trumpsters put on Papadopalous.

Wasn't it a night security guard who brought down Nixon?

24 year-old black security guard...and he caught hell afterwards. Most white people hated him for being smart enough to discover the taped door locks and exposing the crime taking place.



Why would anyone trust tax reform from a President who refused to release his taxes?

Why should anyone trust tax reform from a Congress that refused to aggressively push for the President to release his taxes?

Democrats should hold fast on this GOP agenda item. Make it known that the disaster to follow is all on the shoulders of the GOP and 45.i

Kelly is really proving who he really is...and it is ugly. Hate to think of someone like him

in charge of any child of mine in the military.

Watching Chris Cuomo with Michael Caputo.

Chris is the Joy Reid of CNN. And I think Caputo is highly overrated and may even be indicted himself.

When will Trump blame Hillary for his being elected and having to go thru this shitstorm?

Maybe today in a Tweet?

Lying to Congress and the FBI ought to be enough to take them all down.

Sessions included.

My FB 45 fans are having some serious meltdowns. I even feel sorry for them. They are so hateful

they are giving themselves strokes. The venom they spewed about HRC was so intense it was hidden most of the time.

They are totally devastated and they deserve every bit of scorn I am about to unload on them.

I am certain some Dems MIGHT be caught up in this...and some Independents too. Tad Devine...

how did Kerry and Gore choose to work with him? Who is he really?
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