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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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So much going on in the world that our media doesn't cover like it covers the NFL

Hama and Fatah sign reconciliation agreement.

Question: Do the media that is able to get to those remote areas in Puerto Rico carry any water or

supplies to the people they interview for their stories?

um...to 45, We have military in S.Korea for what seems like "forever." Puerto Rico is not asking

for them to stay forever, although we do still, have military stationed there since the Cuban missile incident.

Media not really covering Niger soldier deaths like they did Benghazi.

Is it because the GOP is not raising the issue? Why can't Democrats raise hell about it like the GOP did about Benghazi? What are we doing in Niger. Who is responsible for the killings? Why hasn't 45 spoken out about this or even offered condolences?

Why is the media seemingly giving this tragedy a pass?

No one has answered this question for me.

If corporations are flush with cash, and operating at record profits why do they need tax cuts? Why don't they just raise wages and invest their flush cash?

We have lived thru this voo-doo economics under every GOP President in my life time and working men and women have suffered the most under their administrations. Why aren't the Democrats out there raising these questions and educating the workers about the REAL taxes that our major corporations pay and the REAL write-offs and subsidies that medium size businesses get. Small businesses suffer the most and I do mean small 20 or less employees. Most every other kind of business gets subsidies and write-offs that others cannot use.

Watched FOX News from time to time and conclude that they are doing the nation great harm by

not reporting and covering honestly the behaviors and illegal acts performed by 45 and his family and some of his appointed officials. Some people only watch FOX and they are misinformed and actually uninformed of the serious corruption of this administration. Now with revelations about 45 wanting increase our nuke resources 10 fold, FOX treats such revelations as normal and something almost great.

It is amazing how much damage years of dis and mis information propaganda spread by the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and the rest of Murdoch enterprises has done to this country. They have so deeply brainwashed their avid listeners into believing that common decency, respect for others, and support of our government is bad and evil. As a consequence to years of listening to FOX filth, many have become vile lovers of bullying, injustice, misogyny, sexism, lying, cheating, racism, and trashing the Constitution.

If we, Democrats, Independents, progressives do not unify against this movement and hold Murdoch and his ilk accountable and focus attention on the sick enablers of this movement like the Mercers and Koch Bros., we will become like the walking dead in a badly deteriorating nation both emotionally and physically. It is scaring the bejeezus out of me and I shudder to imagine what will happen to my children and grandchildren. I see pain in their eyes after returning home from a bullied day at school and after listening to the nightly news. What we have become at the hands of a few powerful men and women is a bullied, battered, and abused people that have suffered a worse fate from within than anything that an outside enemy could perpetrate upon us.

Putin could never have achieved inside the USA what he has without the complicity of willing media controllers like Bannon, Murdoch, Ailes and others AND the complicit major cable networks.

I feel like crying.

Joe was mortified about Weinstein and the Cy Vance contributions that stopped the Ivanka and Jr.

corruption investigations.

My advice to Joe: TAKE A KNEE! This is the very type of INJUSTICE or privileged justice that we all should be taking a knee about.
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