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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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The world and we are watching a new Hitler on the world stage and they stand by helpless while we

standby useless and unwilling to do anything about it. I feel really angry, sad, and dispirited.

Anyone else notice the foaming around the mouth of 45? The sign of a rabid mad man.

2lth Amendment, quickly!!!

We are a laughing stock around the world. The total destruction of the nation has just taken three steps forward in the past 48 hours.

He just hates and despises (and envies) Obama it is driving him over the brink.

I will say this right here: So-called "Christians" who support the p-grabber ought to be ashamed of

themselves. And those who do not support 45 ought to chastise those who do.

Iraq about to erupt over the Kurds.


News not being covered here. We will be involved but not told so.

Tell me how this is not correct.

What Rand Paul just described for the Trumpcare is one step toward single payer with the private sector being the single payer without any subsidies. These HUGE groups that Paul was talking about sound mighty close to several "single payer" pools without government subsidies for the poor. Which also sounds like a backdoor way to several High Risk pools being formed, pricing very sick moderate income people out of the market. Correct me if I am wrong.

From now on there is no more "Obamacare." There is only "Trumpcare."

Ok, so 45 wants more freedom to buy insurance across state line. Will the insured be required to

travel across state lines to receive treatment or care?

So how many insurance companies will not open up services in all those areas with one or none

insurers now? i want to hear from the insurance executives.

So who is going to challenge these changes to Obamacare that 45 is proposing? It all sounds good

but what is the truth?

So what Taliban/Haqqani prisoners were released to get the American-Canadian family released?

45 will take credit for this but I bet anything it was a prisoner exchange. If 45 takes credit he will own prisoner exchanges.
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