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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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Can we please get back to focusing on the private e-mail accounts of Ivanka and Jared and

Jared's attempt to establish a back-channel line to Russia and Jared's criminal filing of his security clearance forms, and the meeting between 45's son and campaign staff with the Russians who promised to have dirt on HRC and the changing of the GOP platform plank to favor Russia, and playing golf as our four dead Green Berets' bodies were returned home and 45 destroying health care insurance for millions and 45's trying to start a war with NK and.............?

Does anyone here have any more information about the American-Canadian family rescued by Pakistan?

Strange there is little news about them.

We had better stop looking at the fodder thrown in the air to divert our attention from some really

important actions being taken by 45.

1. He is placing idiots to head all the agencies and the sub positions under them and our Senators are doing nothing to stop him. And they could if they were paying attention.

2.l He is nominating some of the most horrific people to courts and our Senators are doing little to stop him. They the power to stop or hold up many of these nominations.

Both these actions call for grass-root actions to educate the voters and to organize public protests against the nominations that will hurt folks in the end.

Protests may not stop a confirmation but it will call much needed attention to what and how 45 is further destroying this nation. It will also educate many sleeping voters about the fact that there is much more to an election of Senators and Representatives and a President than just flashy campaigns and their favorite single issues. Town Halls need to address the election of ALL official almost down to dog catcher but certainly the judges the people who will be appointing or nominating judges at all levels.

This the MAN the Women's Conference could have chosen to speak and saved themselves a huge

headache in my opinion.


Why is the media not covering what just happened to the CHIP program? They just let it die

on the vine.

You have to be a heartless SOB (45) and despicable people (GOP) to allow this to happen.

So when will the sign-up for Trumpcare begin?

Trump just said that PR owed 9 billion? WTF one cancellation of a big bomber or battle ship would

pay that off.

Does 45 understand that insurance companies got rich under the capitalistic system he thrives in and

uses to cheat consumers?

You do realize that when 45 talks about block grants for healthcare insurance he means grants to

red states that help them but not to the blue states.

Now you know that Trump is a real danger. Bibi just came out to support him.

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