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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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Why doesn't the media ask about how Mitch and GOP obstructed Obama nominations on every turn?

Why don't they ask why Mitch said his only job was to see that Obama was a one term President and worked to obstruct Obama on every turn. Mitch just said today that the GOP main purpose or job was to win elections. WTF, i thought the main job of Congress to work for the safety, security, and economic benefit of the citizens. They just admitted everything they do is all about them and their jobs and power not about governing. Yet the media said nothing about that at all.

i just simply feel like crying right now.

I just saw a desperate, angry man, at his Cabinet meeting. Mueller must be getting close OR

some of those women who were sexually harassed by 45 in the past are about to blow the lid off. 45 is desperate and dangerous at this point.

I felt like Father Merrin was lurking around and 45 could feel him coming. I was waiting for 45's head to spin around.

DO NOT GIVE AN INCH, DEMOCRATS. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

Do not give an inch on taxes, healthcare, or the Iran Deal. The GOP did it we can too. It's called winning. Trump will only go down in dust if he can get nothing done by Dec. 31st.

Congress and Wall St. can do it together.

His numbers are really bad and HE IS ANGRY AS HELL. He will hurt anyone in his way and he doesn't

care. He is so angry he doesn't even know what he is saying. He called the healthcare legislation "mean" that he is now praising as getting the job done.


There is no more Obamacare, as he said. So when the premiums go up...he will get the blame. We must see to it that he does.

Just listen to what he is saying:

We are the hight taxed nation in the world: a lie

The world is taking advantage of the US by paying lower drug prices: another lie. The drug companies are taking advantage of the US by charging higher costs as they set record profits.

We need the wall: another lie. We do not need a wall with Mexico/

Democrats have terrible policy, what policy is he talking about? Dems obstructing nominations? WTF Who controls the confirmations, the Democrats...not. Most of his nominations have major problems with conflicts of interest or corruption or they are patently unqualified.

This man really, really needs to be impeached for the sake of our country.

Now he claims to know the brain of the NV mass killer. He was demented, very sick so says 45. Meaning just the kind of person he allowed to purchase weapons by rescinding Obama's ban against selling guns to people with mental illness.

US is being taken advantage of by the entire world...nevermind our presence everywhere plundering folks' natural resources.

The media seems almost giddy with reporting on Dems being divided. It's our fault if we allow them

to get away with this. This in no way should be a big story that gets tractions to our detriment. Democrats on the air must be out there refuting these lame meme's that the media is pumping every day. We need spokesmen out there to refute these lame and mostly untrue talking points that the media is promoting just like they did Hillary's e-mails. Chris Jensen's latest spot on MSNBC was sickening.

The message that Democrats are putting out there is getting rolled over by the media, even MSNBC, as they rolled over Hillary's platform and plans during 2016.

That is way we must get out there and go around the media to the people, to the Town Halls, to the state and local meetings, Council meetings. The media is almost refuting what the Democrats are telling them they are doing. Instead of covering the Democratic actions they are refuting them. Here we go again!

Why is our media just covering the stories that 45 wants covered and not the stories voters need

to know about like the four Green Berets killed in Niger, the 300 plus killed in Somalia, Israeli building settlement inside Hebron, the Kurds being killed by Iraq, the suicide bombings in Afghanistan etc?

45 has no right to call Bergdahl a coward. 45 never served this country and he has turned the

reigns of our government over to the enemy, Russia.

Why is nothing being said about this in the media?


Building inside Hebron...oh my.

Why doesn't the GOP "establishment" understand that they hold ALL the cards? Bannon and 45

are the ones who need them. They do not really need either of them. Even if they are primaries, most of them would be re-elected because by 2018 most of the 45 administration should be behind bars or criminally indicted. All the GOP has to do is wait them out by not voting to pass any of the 45 tax plans and by passing legislation to protect DACA. Hold off on any healthcare except to fix the ACA. Nothing done by the end of the year means more disfavor for 45 and Bannon. the GOP Congress is already as low as they will go.
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