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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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Anyone have a picture of the Kelly at Obama's table at the breakfast for Gold Star families?

Wall Street is trying to keep 45 afloat on the bubble until taxes pass. However, he is sinking fast

Active shooter at Howard University in DC

Wonder if any Gold Star families will challenge 45's claim about calling them?

45 played the "victim" once again yesterday as he whined about how hard it was on him to make

calls to the families of fallen soldiers. Sure it's hard, but he never once thanked them or said a word of encouragement to the families as he whined about his "difficulty." I don't even know why so many military still support this imbecile.

So the WH staff is falling all over themselves to get out those letters and phone calls to families

of the fallen. Bet they never had to work so hard. Wonder how many other families of fallen soldiers have heard from 45 or the WH since 45 took office?

If they (Congress and Senate) want to get rid of Trump without having to go public with it


Let him dangle in the wind. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

Kelly really is without integrity After today's lie by smearing former Presidents who were his CICs

i am rally disappointed in his lack of outrage.

Sorry i made a correction to the title of the original post. 45 told the lie but my disappointment with Kelly is that nothing was said by him to challenge this and he continues to be silent about it. The former Presidents were his CICs and he should at least stand up for their integrity in the face of 45's lies.

45 gets it wrong why NFL ratings and attendance is down.

Supporters of Kap started the boycott to support him because they believed in his cause. 45 co-opted their boycott by publicly asking his supporters to boycott. So the boycott for both are working. But it is just like everything blacks do in this country, whites co-opt it, take it over, change meme and make money from it. It happens in music, literature, government, science and medicine and Civil Rights.

What exactly did James Witt say today in praise of 45's disaster response? i can't find it.

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