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MaryMagdaline's Journal
MaryMagdaline's Journal
September 28, 2020

Question for Bernie and Warren supporters

I know most of your likeminded friends will vote Biden but does this tax cheat story grab some voters from the margins who loved your candidates but were sort of lukewarm about Biden? In other words were there people who were staying home or voting Third Party who will now vote for Biden?

September 26, 2020

Barrett's Religiosity

Democrats absolutely must hammer the cult connections of Barrett. The American people need to know all allegiances of a Supreme Court justice and if she still belongs to a group requiring her to bow to the decisions of another person, any other person, we have a right to inquire. We also have a right to inquire about the duty to support others within the group. Those people are her family, then, and their connections are her connections. That’s the constitutional reason to inquire.

The political reasons are as follows: Trump already has hardline Catholics and Evangelicals, preppers and cultists. Barrett’s cult involvement in contrary to mainline Catholicism. The RW Catholicism that tolerates Opus Dei etc does not necessarily embrace secret societies not controlled by the church, especially those in which the members give obedience to non-officials of the church.

Among soft Catholics, even right-leaning Catholics, the whole “handmaiden” thing is completely foreign. Giving up one’s decision making to an equal is pretty much against the exercise of the individual conscience, which is rock bottom Catholicism.

Soft Catholics will be creeped out by Barrett’s cult membership and it will be easy to distinguish her cult religion from mainline Catholicism. Catholics will not feel that a fellow catholic is being attacked if the creepy cult is attacked.

We are going to be stuck with a RW anti-labor, anti-poor, anti-choice SC justice no matter what, but we could make sure that Trump does not peel away soft Catholic votes in this election. Attacking the cult status will not hurt us. Failing to talk about it will.

Voluntarily bowing down to to a man is not something Catholic (at least Irish Catholic) women will understand. There will be a lot of head scratching and much embarrassment.

September 13, 2020

Disrespect for working people - are we all slavers now?

I see a lot of posts in my Neighborhood section from people in search of skilled workers, nannies and housekeepers.

Is it me or are we all turning a bit imperialist with working people? Today’s post for example, “Anyone have [“have” not “know”] a handyman who works Sundays?”

Also, other posts: Need X, must be reasonable, must speak English, must _____ (fill in the blank). My favorite: must charge reasonable price only!! (which I read to mean cheap).

As much as I’d like to refer people who have done a good job for me, I sure as hell would not like someone to call and demand that they appear on a Sunday and offer services for lower than they are worth.

The tone of these ISOs is that the person in search of is entitled to cheap, readily accessible labor and that the rest of us must verify that the people who work for us are ours to lend out.

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