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Irish_Dem's Journal
Irish_Dem's Journal
May 12, 2023

Trump is a ruthless, vicious sociopath who is causing this country to get sicker and sicker.

For those who admire the conman, they get sick and become like Trump.

For those of us who see Trump for what he is, we are sick at heart,
because we know where all of this can lead.

May 1, 2023

Americans aren't reeling, they are sitting on their hands doing nothing.

We wondered how the Germans could let Hitler kill their fellow citizens with impunity.

How is the current state of affairs in the US any different?

Corrupt politicians insist that Americans become angry, full of rage and have
a strong desire for revenge over made up issues.
And then they give everyone an assault rifle.

So we have an American gestapo who gleefully kills American citizens.

And WE THE PEOPLE pretend they have nothing to do with it.
Refuse to take responsibly and perform their civic duty.

All paths lead back to the American voter.
Same people who look like they are going to vote to end democracy.

Yes color me DISGUSTED.

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