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Polybius's Journal
Polybius's Journal
October 17, 2018

Supreme Court agrees to hear a case that could determine whether Facebook, Twitter and other social

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could determine whether users can challenge social media companies on free speech grounds.

The case, Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, No. 17-702, centers on whether a private operator of a public access television network is considered a state actor, which can be sued for First Amendment violations.

The case could have broader implications for social media and other media outlets. In particular, a broad ruling from the high court could open the country's largest technology companies up to First Amendment lawsuits.

That could shape the ability of companies like Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet's Google to control the content on their platforms as lawmakers clamor for more regulation and activists on the left and right spar over issues related to censorship and harassment.


Note: How does everyone think this case will and should go?

October 13, 2018

New poll: Espy, Hyde-Smith in dead heat, McDaniel within striking distance in Senate race

OK, it's not new anymore (it's from October 2nd), but for some reason Real Clear Politics never listed it. Epsy has a real change to win this (especially is it's between him and McDaniel), and it's being ignored.


October 13, 2018

Trump: 'Robert E. Lee was a great general'

Source: The Hill

President Trump praised Confederate Geader Robert E. Lee as "a great general" on Friday during a campaign rally in Lebanon, Ohio.

"So Robert E. Lee was a great general. And Abraham Lincoln developed a phobia. He couldn’t beat Robert E. Lee," Trump said before launching into a monologue about Lee, Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.

"He was going crazy. I don’t know if you know this story. But Robert E. Lee was winning battle after battle after battle. And Abraham Lincoln came home, he said, 'I can’t beat Robert E. Lee,'" Trump said.

"And he had all of his generals, they looked great, they were the top of their class at West Point. They were the greatest people. There’s only one problem — they didn’t know how the hell to win. They didn’t know how to fight. They didn’t know how," he continued.

Read more: https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/411237-trump-robert-e-lee-was-a-great-general

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