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Member since: Tue Sep 12, 2017, 12:05 AM
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Bill Maher's idea of tradecraft...

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No committee, no problem for Duncan Hunter


Posted By: dweisman January 31, 2019

Turns out when you’re indicted for massive campaign finance fraud, it ain’t so bad.

Having been prohibited by House Republican leadership from ever having another committee assignment — committee work is a major facet of congressional time and power — U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Vape Hut) has a lot more time to do what he loves most, promote vaporizing, hang out with the Bro Caucus at the afternoon drinking holes, and otherwise walk around the Capitol pretending to be a legitimate person.

Being tossed into the congressional trash bin of no-committees-for-you Washington life, along with fellow first Donald Trump supporting grifter Chris Collins, indicted for insider trading, and renowned fellow racist Steve King, means Hunter has more time to pretend to file legislation, maybe take down some more student art he doesn’t like from the Capitol art gallery and otherwise make racist comments or defend military war criminals on trial in San Diego.

In other words, the party will continue, at least until Hunter and his thrown-under-bus wife Margaret face a federal judge on Sept. 10. In case you’ve forgotten the case number, Grapevine friend Rebecca Schoenkopf, otherwise known for her political savvy as “Wonkette,” sums up the sitch:

“The guy is under indictment for stealing $250,000 from his own campaign. He spent donated funds to take his girlfriends on vacation and used the campaign credit card to buy clothes, which he later claimed were ‘[golf] balls for the wounded warriors,’ allegedly. He got drunk with his pals in the Bro Caucus, sometimes over lunch, and ran up a $138,666 bar tab, paid for by the campaign. And besides that, he’s a bigoted asshole!”

More at link...

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