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Profile Information

Name: Roberto
Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Sun Sep 10, 2017, 08:35 AM
Number of posts: 43

About Me

A liberal living in the middle of a conservative county..... The majority of my friends are conservative but we live in glorious harmony as we do redneck stuff!!!! I LOVE ALABAMA!!!!!

Journal Archives

Georgia/ Alabama....... is it going Blue?

At the post office in east southern Alabama I overheard two older gentlemen talking about the impeachment of the President.
One said that he couldn't believe he was seeing a second removal of a president in his life time. The other one made an observation about either E. Warren or N. Pelosi. He said, "I hope she can bring some order to the government."
Two southern and older white men at the post office talking about the future of the Republic.

Stolen Valor

On Saturday, at a gas station somewhere north Georgia, I saw a man with a biker vest covered with US Marine patches standing next to the cashier box. He was there visiting, as by the conversation he also worked there but was off that day.
One of his tattoos was of a Devil Dog, but there was something odd about it. I don't remember what was odd about it but it trigger an alert. I am retired Army that had the privilege to serve along side all other military services during my career. I started the conversation by asking "how are you doing, Devil Dog?" and followed the question with "Where were you stationed?" He responded with "I've been all over the place, Okinawa, Korea." Those were the only two places he mentioned.
I just got back from Iraq a few months ago and I served with a few US Marine units, none of the Marines ever mentioned serving in Korea. There is a small US Marine garrison in South Korea and when I served there a few years ago, we had visiting US Marine units that came for training and other missions, some support and other operational but South Korea is mainly a US Army post (ground troops).
So interested when this young man said that he had served in Korea I asked him; "Where in Korea?"
His response was "I want to stay alive so I cannot tell you." My immediate response was 'OK, thanks, have a nice day." I then walked away and told my wife so the gentleman could hear me: "That is bullshit, this fucker is lying." and my wife responded "I knew you were going to say that." He stood there in silence, looked down to the ground and walked away from us.

It bothered me.

Thank you for listening.
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