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Member since: Tue Sep 5, 2017, 12:48 PM
Number of posts: 969

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Need a Meme "I like Presidents who don't get COVID, Presidents who get COVID are suckers and losers"

President Got the COVID-19...MAGA fans shocked


Former Watergate prosecutor predicts Trump and Ivanka may end up behind bars

Ivanka's 2017 financial disclosures show she received a $747,622 payment from a consulting company called "TTT Consulting," which she apparently co-owned with other family members. That figure matches the exact amount that her father wrote off as tax deductions for consulting fees on two Trump Organization hotel projects from the same year.

The arrangement, Akerman said, raises questions about a possible effort on the president's part to reduce his business' tax liability by not compensating family members directly. Because Ivanka was already an employee of the Trump Organization, he said, he could think of "no legitimate reason" as to why her father would have paid her in such a manner.


Trump will lose on Election Night...there I said it.

I hope he is right


I am placing my bet on Trump losing the election and leaving office on the customary date and time. Furthermore, while every i will not be dotted and ts will go uncrossed, I believe election night will leave the writing on the wall to say Trump has lost.

Interesting Read ... Follow the Money ... I wonder how Trumper will feel like after

they arrest Trump for Money Laundering cant wait to see who it was for...


Buried in Trump's taxes, what's going on at his golf resorts makes no sense ... unless it's a lie

Trump as Pinocchio


Someone should impose Trumps face to Pinocchio during his speeches, this way we know in real time every time he lies

Bob Woodward Cancelled


I think we should start planning for Voting Plan B since USPS sabatoge

Maybe we need to start ordering Face shields, Face Mask (X2) and gloves. We may need to do in person voting to save the nation...

I feel Smarter & Safer now after listening to Joe Biden today

I just dont get it, the chose is so obvious, the polls should have Biden up by 50pts...

Delay the Election

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