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Member since: Tue Sep 5, 2017, 12:48 PM
Number of posts: 969

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Bunker Don


I Miss Him...


President is declaring war on America

This is America, military on the street ...

7:00pm Curfew

So now will see the MAGA protest the curfew , i thought we where a free country....

Republican National Convention in August at Charlotte, NC Should go on as plan.

If Republican choose not social distance and wear mask, its on them...Democratic Voters should take a 3 week leave of the area...

My Republican Friend Called Me today

I we talked about the on going events he brought up how he stopped watching FOX NEWS after watching Tucker Carlson spill lies night after night, he said this virus is real why would you send people to their deaths. He can no longer support Trump either this is on him all of these deaths, they could have been prevented. He also blames everyone around Trump for not standing up. He has switched to CNN, i replied arent they fake news...Didnt want to say kick him down to much but had to poke a little... He lives in Pennsylvania so im pretty excited that Biden has a real shot at taking it and this guys is Republican hope other follow..


New York state has half the population of California but has experienced 14 times as many deaths from coronavirus.

Experts are looking into several possibilities as to why California hasn't been hit as hard.

The trend has been particularly surprising, experts say, given the state has a large number of people in poverty and homelessness, and saw a substantial amount of travel to and from China last year.

One theory centers around the idea of herd immunity - the concept that a large percentage of a population has already contracted and become immune to an infection, slowing the rate at which it spreads to others.[link:http://abc7news.com/coronavirus-covid-19-herd-immunity-california/6091220/|

When are we going to see spraying down the streets...

I have not heard of any plans or proposals at this point if we are locking down city's why not start the conversation...Below is what China and South Korea have done...Do we even have equipment to do what hey have done see Youtube links...Are we going to keep dragging or feet...



New to DU

Wanted to say hello, new to all this, could no longer stay quiet....
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