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New simple message needed: "If we default, your government check will not come."

It is wonderful that our democratic leaders explain our financial situation with the debt ceiling in detail for us. However, a single, simple message is needed. All Republican voters hear is "default, debt ceiling blah, blah blah." Tell them their Social Security and veterans' checks will stop or be delayed and their tax refunds won't show up.


One of the first big bills coming due on June 1 is $12 billion in veterans benefits. If there's not enough money on hand to pay those benefits, people who've already sacrificed a lot for their country will be forced to sacrifice even more.
The government is scheduled to pay $25 billion in Social Security benefits on June 2 — one of several big payments the program will make over the course of the month.
The real estate website Zillow estimates that a prolonged government default could send mortgage rates soaring as high as 8.4%, from about 6.4% today.
Other payments would also be in jeopardy if the government's borrowing limit is not increased soon, including:

-- $47 billion for Medicare providers, due on June 1.

-- $1 billion in tax refunds, set to go out June 7.

-- $4 billion in federal salaries, payable on June 9.

And the list goes on. Food stamp recipients, education programs and defense contractors could all be left empty-handed.

Got a letter from the NRA with "NOTICE OF GUN CONFISCATION" on the front of envelope.

The enclosed letter from Wayne LaPierre states:

"Dear Friend of Freedom,

Unless you fight back starting right now, you'll soon face the real threat of having your guns confiscated along with your right to self-defense.

No, I am not talking about run-of-the-mill gun control.

I am talking about an actual ban on the firearms you currently own, government confiscation of those firearms, and you facing actual jail time if you fail to comply.

That's why I'm urging you to join the National Rifle Association right now to save your guns and freedom before it's too late."

It goes on to say that only the NRA can stop the gun confiscation.

Oh, and you get a free magazine (not the ammo kind) and a free gift (tactical backpack) when you join.

Do Fox viewers know Carlson has been fired? Nothing on website at all today.

I can't make myself watch the actual channel. Wouldn't be surprised if Fox says he is just on vacation and hopes their herd won't notice.

Carlson's "Parting Ways" with Fox is 12th story down on their website.

Didn't know if it would be there at all!

Legally speaking, if your religion, abortion is not allowed - don't have one.

If in mine, abortion is allowed, you may not interfere with my religious right to have one. Separation of church and state was an excellent idea and one we must uphold.

Trump will turn himself in so that DeSantis extradition fight won't take his spotlight. nt

Sweeping Biden Rule Could Change The Game For Protecting Public Lands

Huffington Post


The Bureau of Land Management has largely prioritized leasing its lands for mining and drilling. A new rule would change that.

America’s largest land manager would become a far greater environmental steward under a sweeping rule proposed Thursday.

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Public Lands Rule, which is open to public comment, would put conservation “on equal footing with other uses,” including energy development, timber harvest and grazing, the Interior Department announced.

The proposed change would mark a major shift for an agency critics say has long prioritized industry over conservation.


The proposed rule would direct BLM to “protect intact landscapes, restore degraded habitat, and make wise management decisions based on science and data.” In addition, BLM would have to incorporate land health assessments into its decisions on land use.

More at link

DU makes me feel loved. Something we all deserve. Thank you.

How is the hurricane recovery going in Florida? DeSantis using his power for good?

Great map of Texas road conditions at link.


Default gives you the entire state or enter your zip code to get local information.
Click on the hazard (in this case, a gray circle for ice) and it will show detailed information on which lanes are affected and for how long.
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