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Member since: Sun Aug 27, 2017, 09:53 PM
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In Laredo, bus brigade is vaccinating Mexican citizens with COVID-19 shots that Texans aren't using

From Texas Tribune:

Launched in June, a cross-border effort using buses and donated vaccines is helping roughly 2,000 Nuevo Laredo residents per day get COVID-19 shots in Laredo — 10% of Texas’ daily total.


(R)Racist. No longer Republican or GOP. No platform or "Grand" ideals, only racist.

When are WE going to say, "Enough is enough?" The Republican Party has lost the use of the badge GOP. The party consists of CRT deluded, anti-democracy, Putin supporting, grievance driven, non-critical thinking beings. A party that supports elected officials participating in a white nationalist conference and engages in the shameful questioning in the Supreme Court hearings has publicly confirmed the racist foundation of the party. (R)= Racist label has been earned. Make it stick. DU has the power to do so. I'll start: Ted Cruz (R)= Racist
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