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Ferrets are Cool

Ferrets are Cool's Journal
Ferrets are Cool's Journal
August 27, 2023

Just an update on wifey.

I brought her home from Birmingham on Friday. She has progressed enough from her bone marrow transplant to come home. She is FAR from being well, but her progress is tremendous. Her numbers are up. She will still have to do some oral chemo and we will have to visit B'ham more often than I would wish, but at least she is home.
Thank you so much for everyone who sent their well wishes our way. It's been a long road, and we are still traveling, but we WILL make it.

August 18, 2023

THIS, among a long list of contenders, is the supidest thing you will see today.

The world’s top chess federation has ruled that transgender women cannot compete in its official events for females until an assessment of gender change is made by its officials.


FIDE said it and its member federations increasingly have received recognition requests from players who identify as transgender, and that the participation of transgender women would depend on an analysis of individual cases that could take up to two years.

“Change of gender is a change that has a significant impact on a player’s status and future eligibility to tournaments, therefore it can only be made if there is a relevant proof of the change provided,” the federation said.

“In the event that the gender was changed from a male to a female the player has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women until further FIDE’s decision is made,” it said.
Holders of women’s titles who change their genders to male would see those titles “abolished,” the federation said, while holding out the possibility of a reinstatement “if the person changes the gender back to a woman.”

“If a player has changed the gender from a man into a woman, all the previous titles remain eligible,” the federation said.

I am speechless. OMFG, how stupid can you be?

August 17, 2023

Every time I click on Trea's WellRed Podcast, I tell myself it's only for a moment...

but once there, I can never leave till the last word is spoken or sung.

August 8, 2023

Alabama has lost a legend.

With a heavy heart, shock, disbelief and no joy, I must convey to you the loss of the founder of 92 Zew, Catt Sirten.
Catt left us sometime during the morning of Sunday August 6, while in the midst of producing his beloved Sunday Jazz Brunch program.
At this time, cause of death is unknown but he was found peacefully asleep listening to the music that he so loved.
He left this life doing what he loved in life.
All of us at 92 Zew would like to extend our sincere condolences to his surviving family and all the friends that have surrounded him for so many years. - Tim Camp

I've listened to Catt for so many years that I can't even count them. Decades. This is so saddening. Sunday mornings will never be the same.

August 5, 2023

DOMI on the complexities of writing music...

“Sometimes it's really tricky because you put too many notes in a chord, and you’re like, oh, fuck, I only have 10 fingers!”

If you haven't been introduced to DOMi and JD Beck yet, here is your opportunity.

August 4, 2023

I am too logical to understand Christians.

They pray to God for something. God doesn't answer their prayer. They blame Satan. But God is supposed to be ALL POWERFUL. It's not logical or sensical at all.

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