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Member since: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 04:03 AM
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Astrologer predicts big truth coming out Nov 2nd !!

He said whatever this secret is, it'll be bigger than covid. These are the descriptors underneath 1 of the 3 videos I've watched of Portuguese astrologer on the channel Osher Astro Finance. Finance and investing do not interest me, but I read somewhere how accurate this guy was.

It's a true hallmark, in this time of covid, to find a psychic, numerologist or astrologist who actually predicted covid as something big was coming, social changes, economic upset, etc. in their 2020 Prediction videos. Osher's was amazing and my mouth was hanging open at his accuracy.

For those who don't want to watch a bald handsome astrologer talk to you in a beautiful accent, from what I remember of his videos are the following: (keep in mind that my mind was blown away and not all of it has come back yet):

- a big truth/secret is coming out on Nov 2nd
- Nov 3rd is also a big day
- 1 week after the election, Nov 10th, some sort of shakeup or disturbance, change
- 3rd week of January will again see something big

Guys, his predictions are uncanny and his dates for this fall have me, I don't know, I can't describe it.

Watch his video "What will happen by end of 2020?" and prepare to be amazed. ( I would link but it's not working).

I wonder which of Spanky's secrets it will be?!?!?! His taxes, finally?!

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