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donkeypoofed's Journal
donkeypoofed's Journal
May 29, 2020

I have to say, Drumpf was right about one thing......

He once said that he never thought he'd changed much since the age of 8. I just heard that and in thinking back, it's true ! His way of speaking, his words and his tantrums are on par with an 8 yr old boy, too. The words "Space Force", which sounds like a thing that boy would make up while playing with his lego set. Punishing your enemies and accusing others of what you yourself did;, that's all from the mind of a child. A self-admitted 8 yr old man-child is not-leading the country during a global pandemic, economic collapse and now violence in the streets. That same child threatened to shoot if anyone loots! Jeezus H, wtf is going on?! Will anyone try to stop him? Can anybody?!

May 20, 2020

Would this, finally, be considered treason?

If, as I suspect, Drumpf is the one who directed Pompeo to set up an arms deal, someone whistle-blowed and the IG learned of it and was commencing an investigation, the importance of this cannot be understated.

No one would have thought this of Pompeo 35 yes ago!. Such a promising young man. Such a bright future. Such honor &, courage. An arms deal with SA now? I can't think of Pompeo as a sellout, I think he was directed by Drumpf to do it.

They needed to keep it quiet and that sure stinks to me. Maybe some money on the side to keep Drumpf's struggling hotels & golf courses afloat? He can't exactly turn to Deutsche Bank this time can he? He has to make the interest payments on his high debt somehow, plus keep the hotels afloat.

IF this were all true, and I have a bad feeling, would this be considered treason by the masses? Finally?

May 19, 2020

The birth of Girtherism

The Girther Movement has begun. Thank you Speaker Pelosi. Is he 239 lbs?! More like 299 lbs! How much do you think Cheatolini weighs?! It's gonna he so much fun to start a movement and a hashtag mocking him!

May 16, 2020

Hey everyone, so what is the Epoch Times?

And what does DU think of it? I've run into their advertising recently and was wondering, "what are they? who are they? and what do they stand for?"

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