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Member since: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 04:03 AM
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He's WAY too confident in a SC ruling !

Why, oh why, is he so freakin confident in them? He talked about blowing thru all the lower levels of the Judiciary, disparaging the Ninth Circuit while he was at it, and then confidently stated it would all end in a positive ruling in the SC. I hope the Justices were listening ! He's got them in his pocket, he thinks, so I wonder how they like that?

Do you think Bezos knows he was set up by the Sanchezes?

Michael, who's a friend of Stone, has a gorgeous sister, who conveniently requests nude selfies and dick pics, like a teenager or something - then Michael gets into Lauren's phone?! My siblings dont go thru my phone! Does she live with her brother? Otherwise how did he get ahold of it for the few minutes he would've needed to forward the emails and pictures? Does Lauren not lock her phone with a security code? I just find that this all stinks to high heaven. Bezos could have had an affair with anyone! But it happens to be with a sibling of Stone's friend? Sorry, but I am not buying it. Bezos should have that investigative team of his look into his side-piece Lauren. I wonder if he already has.

I haven't seen any statements from either Sanchez to refute any of this. Remember, the threat from AMI was over them not wanting Bezos to find out where the pictures came from!

Wonder if were gonna see a statement soon from any of them.

I just think this was all a set up from the start! There are.too many coincidences and I dont believe in coincidences.

But the S.I.C. wasn't even investigating collusion!

It was investigating Russian election interference. So why would Burr even say that? It's a total non-sequitur! Must've said that to keep Donny Two Scoops settled down and on his leash.

Who would be on your "Dream Ticket" for 2020?

This is going to be such an interesting presidential race! The crop of quality Democrat candidates is an embarrassment of riches. Anyone one of them would make a good president, far and away above the the mudslinger you have now.
So who would make up your dream team?


Harris / Booker


Warren/ Kennedy


Klobuchar / Castro

I can't make a choice ! I like them all and have respect for them. You guys all have a tough choice to make - it looks to be at this point anyways. I'm sure things will clarify and time goes on. But you sure have the best of the best to pick from , so count yourselves lucky. The "good guys" are on the horizon to fix this.

Rachel Maddow is totally gonna vote for Klobuchar in 2020

Rachel had Amy on tonight; she has previously had on Kamala and Elizabeth in the past few weeks. All were good interviews, of course, but while watching I sure got the perception that she likes Amy the best. Dont get me wrong, Rachel was not fawning over her or anything, but to me it was plainly obvious that she admires and respects Amy, the most. Anybody else notice this? Just wondering.

Thank you for my heart- you made my night !

This heart thing on DU is just so nice ! I hope they do it every year !! Thank you to my giver - you made me smile!

Chuck Lorre Productions, #612 quote

"God told me He hasn't spoken to Sarah Sanders since she was fourteen years old and praying for her skin to clear up. I have no reason to doubt Him."

There is a quote that Lorre ends every episode of his shows with and I happened to catch the one this week after Young Sheldon and thought it was funny.
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