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Member since: Wed Aug 16, 2017, 06:31 PM
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Freezing i pad ,iPhones and mac

Hello. So typical boomer Struggling with typing with my thumbs, autocorrect, and eyesight. Seeing fine print and not understanding the computer words. Wife and i moved a couple of years ago and the bill for cable was outrageous so we cut the cord so to speak. For what we do its perfect. No sports, You tube tv for msnbc and a couple of shows. The office and housewives for her. Anyway I am getting irritated with the devices we have (listed above) freezing up wile streaming tv. Its seems to be related to ads trying to take over and then they lock up . I have to double click and swipe the screen closed then reopen sometimes a couple of times and when it starts there will be an ad that was trying to take over it will immediately start with the ad. Its now getting to be a daily or multiple times daily. yesterday it happened during the Mary Trump interview and i lost the second half of it when it reloaded. What can i do about these Ads? Hydro My Neighbor says it was all from Adjit Pai in 2017 that he lobbied the Trump admin for more advertising.
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