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Member since: Wed Aug 16, 2017, 06:31 PM
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Trump FOX freakout, Now what?

Has anybody wondered what happens now? I mean its pretty clear its just a matter of time that they find more and more stuff pointing to trump. The list is huge on what we see coming. If Trump freaks out like this on a show that supports him and people that support him.... What is he going to do when Mueller makes his determination and presents his report to Congress. In a weird way t's like we will be the ones bullied when he goes on a tirade on the injustices that were done to him. It seems to me this is not going to be pretty.

Can someone explain why Donald Trump wants out of the Iran nuclear deal so bad?

I really am kind of not understanding what specifically is so bad about it. Or is there a way for him or his clan to make money from the middle east situation if its wiped out?
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