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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 05:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,144

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The tRump contingent is taking videos of the parading British troops with his cellphone from the balcony of Buckingham palace!

MSNBC what's up?

Why is Stephanie Rule letting Christie and Sessions go on and on apologizing for Trump? An entire half hour wasted listening to these two fools obfuscate and spin what's going on. And what the hell is the Salt Conference?

Check out Audible!

Just saw that Amazon Prime has downloaded the Muller Report to the Cloud on Audible. You can download it for free! As soon as Stephanie is over, I'm putting on my earbuds and listening. Can't wait!

Oh dear Pete

How can we vote for someone who disses our last Democratic candidate, who received 3 million more votes than the winning one? And who doesn't believe we are a great country, despite our recognized problems. Sorry that's a fatal flaw!

I feel the same

way I did on Election night when he was declared the winner. This is not right!

After watching

the candidates, I'm beginning to hope for a Joe/Amy ticket. Both solid, effective, experienced in both domestic and international issues. An older well liked Joe Biden plus a young, but smart and Midwestern Amy Klobscher as his VP. This ticket would surely defeat the Orange one and give our country back it's sense of stability and competence. I think we need to heal.

At the ready

Watch parrot in place at front door. Guard dog in position under table with toys. Leaving for the shore area to patrol beach for unwanted aliens arriving by sea!

Thank you so much

for the hearts! Nice to know there's folks out there who are like minded. Florida neighbors are sooooo conservative!

Here we go again

Once more, women bashing before her campaign is even started! Now it's Amy!


Any good psychiatrists out there?

For years, I've been tolerating some long distance relatives who are vocally republican. They send me all kinds of anti Obama, Hillary, whatever on a regular basis. I amused myself by proving their false claims wrong. Light political banter. In the past week, three of them attacked me, told me not to contact them again and generally dissed me. Another told me I have no sense of humor. My retorts weren't any different than those I did through the years. Not nasty nor belittling to them personally. Just humorous, I thought. What do you think is happening with these folks? Sad I'm losing some old FB folks, but I'm happier without them.

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