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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
August 26, 2021

Tough shit Donnie, it's all coming out. How about those super secret servers with your calls to

Putin and other world leaders. Can’t wait until that stuff is released. Literally Trump is the biggest traitor in American History. Unlike Benedict Arnold who was one of our beat generals who felt under appreciated and when he didn’t turn the British viewed him as a traitor as well. Benedict Donald did nothing for our country and once it all comes out he should rot in prison. Trump, if he could have would have been a leader like Idi Amin storing the heads of his enemies in his freezer. Other evil leaders at least had evil motives and evil ideologies. Trump is just an evil bastard with no redeeming qualities.

August 7, 2021

I tell my righty friends I'm a lib and I don't drink kids blood or want to take away their stuff etc

I confront them and say you have known me for X number of years and do I look or sound like a communist? Then I hit them wit some truths that they find hard to deny by showing how intimately intertwined with government and how they really could not live without all the government intervention in their life. Some examples include food safety, water, air safety, sanitation, snow plowing, and government disaster response. Schools, police protection, a court system to enforce contracts and individual rights from the right to speak to property rights the list is exhaustive. Next time you get in an conversation with your rw creepy uncle hit them with these truths then tell them if they want to live really free without government intervention then put up or shut up and move to Somalia and see how long they last. Tom Hartmann taught me a lot about our relationship to our government and just how much we need and depend on government.

August 2, 2021

He finally expressed regret but too late for him. Reminds mw Steve Jobs after being diagnosed

with pancreatic cancer, the survivable kind, and he refused traditional treatment until it was too late. In Isaacson’s biography Jobs did express regret for not listening to the docs and friends who pleaded with him to ditch the holistic, mind over matter bullshit that he thought he could cure himself without traditional medicine. I don’t know why. I just thought of that. This radio host, by all accounts, spread lies and disinformation and now is suffering the same fate as Jobs. While I feel sad for Jobs because he really did change the world and could jave done so much more had he lived, Valentine is getting what he deserves.

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