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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
January 21, 2021

First time I saw that segment. Stewart mentions something about how an administration couldn't

be more absurd or words to that affect. Little did Stewart, or any of us know, what was coming down the road. My kids saw me flipping out for 8 years of Bush and when Trump came along they accused me of crying “wolf”. We thought Bush was the absolute worse president ever and his incompetence could never be match. Trump comes along and achieves a new low. Is it possible that in the future there could be a president worse than Trump? Literally, I cannot say one good thing about Trump as a president of a man. As flawed as “W” was I never saw him as an inherently evil person. As a man I could see Bush was a decent man who was in way over his head and was lead around by the rw chicken hawks. At least at the end, Bush tried to move separate himself from Cheney and retained at least a modicum of decency as he sprinted out of office. From a historical perspective, Trump was the best thing that ever happened to George Bush.

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